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This is where the MAGIC happens

Two weekends ago I took Advanced MindScape Online. I knowwww I've been a little distant lately as I've been working through some healing and finding alignment with myself, my businesses, and my vision for how I want to show up in the world. Yes, I know. 

Aren’t you an Advanced MindScape Instructor? I hear you thinking.

Why would you take Advanced MindScape as a participant when it’s a class you teach? 

Great question.

Here’s why:

I was feeling the need for a breakthrough. Like I said, I’ve been MindScaping super consistently lately, going to therapy, receiving regular BodyTalk, and have been having loads of insights and aha moments—almost faster than my mind can keep up with.

It’s been incredible, but I felt like I was on the cusp of something bigger that I just couldn’t shift through on my own. I needed to be guided, led, supported. I needed to receive the magic of MindScape that I love so much. I needed to NOT have to do the inner work on my own. 

And let me just tell you right now that my mind was blown.


I shifted through so many layers. And it felt so easy and spacious and freeing and expansive.

It’s like the muscles between my ribs released their resistance, and my rib cage could expand to fully take in double the lung capacity that I’d grown to used to allowing.

EXPANSION. Integration. Fullness.

I found my self smiling A LOT.

I could feel my self-created walls tumbling down.

I’d been chipping away at the bricks consistently for along time, but showing up for this class was the catalyst that took a sledge hammer to my self-protecting and oh-so-restricting walls.I shifted through some MAJOR blocks at Advanced MindScape--which was just bringing home all the awareness that had been showing up in the previous months and weeks of inner work. It was powerful AF.

If you're new to MindScape, let me explain this because this is what makes MindScape such a fascinating technique to use to create powerful change internally, which always shifts the external as well.

When we are using MindScape, it is an interface that allows us to connect with our subconscious minds--which is the storehouse for our mental programming and past experiences. When we connect with our subconscious, it brings up imagery and symbolism that sheds light on our mental programming to bring it to our conscious awareness.

After all, we cannot change what we are unaware of. 

Once we bring a piece of our mental programming to our conscious awareness, it is no longer hidden. It is no longer unconsciously running our decisions and our lives.

This awareness provides insight and aha moments, which can bring understanding, which can begin our thawing process, melting our judgments, healing our bodies and minds, and ultimately creating CHOICE. 

Unconscious = autopilot = no choice

Conscious = awareness = choice

AND, we also can't magically access our subconscious if we haven't learned how to, if we don't understand how it works, and if we don't pay attention to our intuition.

MindScape helps us do all of these things. BOOM.

And you'll never guess how things have been opening up for me since.


> I felt so free and open-minded.

> Clarity came forth and continues to.

> I feel inspired and excited and full of empowerment.

> I wanted to write and I feel creative. 

> I've had ideas and inspiration surging through me. 

> I feel ROOTED + confident. 

> I feel like I can handle anything that comes my way. 

> I've felt confident to stretch my comfort zone.

>I'm giving myself more permission to ebb and flow.


> I've had author visit requests coming in. 

> I had someone reach out wanting to host me to teach MindScape in Victoria, BC.

> I've had students registering for my upcoming MindScape courses.

> I've had new clients showing up. 

> My kids have been super curious about my work and have been asking loads of questions.

> My skin issues have been healing.

> I've been having so many volleyball teams inviting me to play.

> I was asked (again) to start a podcast with a friend and I feel open to it now. 

I know this is just the TIP OF THE DANG ICEBERG! (who doesn't love a good subconscious mind iceberg analogy!?)

Allowing myself to be the student was incredible. The support of the class was wildly helpful, and has allowed me to move through some pretty powerful realizations and aha moments.

I feel inspired again. Energized. I feel excited about my business again.

I'm feeling creative and the ideas are pouring in. I feel EMPOWERED.

I'm lit up by the potential and possibility that we can UNLEASH WITHIN OURSELVES using the tools of MindScape.

I'm in absolute AWE of the power of the mind.

Attending Advanced MindScape just blew the roof off of all the limits I had been working through, and through everything else that had been stuck. And it felt so healing and freeing and gentle.

I can't wait to teach Advanced and I can't wait to attend and take it again as a student. 

So I'll stand on my soapbox yet again and shout from the rooftops: SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF + YOUR HEALING. Do the therapy, book your BodyTalk session, attend the sound bath, commit to your personal growth, register for MindScape or Advanced MindScape (even if you've taken it 4 times).


Don't stop leaning in. SHOW UP.

It'll free you to be more authentically YOU. And not just parts of you, but ALL of YOU. 

Seriously take a minute to imagine how that could feel.

 (And when you're ready--or even if you're "not"--join me for MindScape or Advanced MindScape and let's peel back our layers, together.)

To learn more about  MindScape or Advanced MindScape or my MindScape mentorship program called MMA, click each.


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