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2024 Bucket List

Most of us have heard of what a bucket list is—the epic list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket.

BUT, I have a reframe for you today…

What if you had a bucket list for 2024? What would you put on it?What things would you like to do, try, and explore?What would you like to stretch yourself to this year?

I’m not talking goals. Nope. Let's stay out of our heads for this exercise.

I want you to dive into your heart. 

I’m talking things that would LIGHT YOU UP like a god damn Christmas tree!!

I’m talking soul-stretching dreams, curious desires, and the things that have been on your radar but you haven't pulled the trigger on yet. 

I'm talking things you've always wanted to do or try, but have yet to make a priority.

We always think we have all the time in the world, but do we?

What if we treated our time with more sacredness than that?

Lord knows we could all cut a few hours of social media from our weekly habits--why not invest that time in something that has been tugging on our hearts?

I'd LOVE to invite you to grab a journal and a pen and sit with each of these questions.

Notice what comes to mind. Notice what pops up. Notice the memories that come to mind of that long lost friend who's social media adventure picture stirred a longing in your heart. Notice the desires that flutter in your heart or tumble through your belly.

What would stretch you?

What have you been curious to explore?

What would you LOVE to experience?

What would you like to learn?

What would fill you with JOY?

What would make your eyes sparkle as you stretched yourself and made it happen? 

It doesn't have to be ginormous. After you have some ideas rolling, sit with your list. Which feel like priorities for 2024? There are no wrong answers. There are only possibilities.

Here's what's on my 2024 bucket list:

> Register for a drumming workout class (Pound)

> Try one healing event per month in the community

> Be a student and take Advanced Mindscape

> Take a pottery class

> Learn cupping to add as a modality 

> Let myself be passionate + sparkly again

> Ranchman's with my besties

> Attend a Mark Groves retreat

> Solo writing weekend retreat 

> Stretch myself to get on a stage to speak 

> Attend concerts that light me up

> Start a podcast!

> Travel to teach again!

> Start on a novel / Write a nove

l> Create a My Cosmic Hammer keynote speech

> Try one healing event in the community once a month (minimum)

> Attend a monthly networking event (big comfort zone stretch for me)

I invite you to pause and take a moment to make your own Bucket List for 2024.

Yep, right now. Grab some paper. Take some deep breaths. Slow your mind down and drop into your heart. 

What would make you feel LIT UP to do in 2024? 

Then, once you have, feel free to add to it or adjust it--it's not written in stone.

After that, prioritize some things on your list that you'd like to try first, or that would be easy to get started on. Whenever we are starting some new things that might stretch our comfort zones, choose the things that excite you enough that the pumped up will help you get kick started.

I took action on a few of my items already this year. 

> Pound workout class is under way-- CHECK

> I retook Advanced MindScape as a student -- CHECK

> I'm going to a cupping class this weekend-- CHECK 

> I went to a sound bath in January-- healing community event CHECK

> I attended TWO networking opportunities already this year-- one in January + one in February--CHECK CHECK

> I submitted a video for a speaking opportunity YESTERDAY -- CHECK

> Started slowly working on my cosmic hammer keynote-- in progress

> Was invited to Teach MindScape in Victoria and working out the details for fall -- in progress

I'd say that's a solid start. Let's get moving!

Get comfortable getting uncomfortable. That's my goal.

I'd love to hear what's on your bucket list. Hit reply and let me support you in your 2024 bucket list!

I'll stand on my soapbox and shout from the rooftops: SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF + YOUR 2024 BUCKET LIST! 

Here's why:

It'll require you to assess what lights you up.

It'll require that you heal.

It'll require that you honour your worthiness.  

It'll require that you stretch your dang comfort zone. Ya, it's cozy to stay there, but if we want to grow, we need to leave the nest.

It'll require that you move through your excuses. 

It'll require that you push up against your beliefs, and stretch beyond them.

And all of these shifts that you experience will connect you more deeply to yourself, to your heart, to your intuition, and to your desires. 

Don't stop leaning in. 

SHOW UP. It'll change your whole world. For the better.

(And when you're ready--or even if you're "not"--join me for MindScape or Advanced MindScape and let's peel back our layers, together.)


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