Advanced MindScape

A three-day empowering seminar for bold MindScape graduates who are ready to supercharge their MindScape skills by learning new techniques and deepening their understanding to peel back the onion layers and shine their unique light.

You've already taken MindScape,so you understand the limitless potential that each of us possesses.


Advanced MindScape: Stretching the Synapses is a powerful, brand-new Advanced MindScape course created by Kristin Pierce that will allow you to playfully open your mind, heart, and senses up to the possibilities that exist all around you.


You'll supercharge your MindScape workshop, learn to use MindScape on-demand with your eyes open, unravel old, outdated beliefs while building trust in your intuition, and confidence in interpreting the symbolism from your subconscious mind. 


This powerful class will spark a quantum shift in your understanding of self and will provide awareness for supporting yourself on your journey.  


Let your dreams take flight

What the heck does Stretching the Synapses mean?

I thought you'd never ask! ;)


Stretching our Synapses means that we are stretching our minds to new information and powerful insights that can loosen up the synaptic connections of the neuropathways and belief systems within our brains.


FUN, right?!

(Excuse me while I adjust my anatomy nerd glasses.)


In doing so, our minds begin to wake up to new awareness and, thus, our perception widens--bringing into view incredible possibilities that will simply blow your mind.


When we stretch our synaptic connections, our brains re-wire and new synapses begin to form—creating new, supportive habits that retrain our unconscious, automatic thought patterns—opening us up to new ideas, new choices, and new ways of living that we could not previously even fathom as possibilities for ourselves.


As we shift our mental programming, we gain the ability to perceive and receive incredible opportunities, fantastic changes, and empowering experiences that show up in our lives.


We are no longer prisoners of our unconscious beliefs, but we learn how to see the mirrors all around us, enabling us to become conscious co-creators of our experiences of reality—which is an incredibly empowering and inspiring perspective to hold. 

Get ready for a fun three-day experience of mind-blowing expansion and join me for Advanced MindScape: Stretching the Synapses!


Hi, I'm Kristin Pierce

I am so happy you're here.

Ever since I first took MindScape in 2009, I knew without a shadow of doubt that I wanted to teach the course. Fast forward to 2015 and that wild pipe dream became a reality. Since then, I've taught MindScape to hundreds of magnificent humans from all over the world who have inspired me so deeply. 


Even after all these years, I am still wildly passionate about all things MindScape, and you'll feel that palpable passion emanating from me as I teach. I am continuously blown away by the infinite power and results of harnessing the full capabilities of the mind.


I aim to lead by example, practice what I teach, and (un)learn alongside my students.

MindScape has enabled me to do so many things that my 22-year-old self never could have even imagined when I sat in my first MindScape course all those years ago. 

It is my desire with this new class to help you stretch your mind, open your heart, and spark an aligned fire within your soul.

Teaching and using MindScape has been a deep source of passion, empowerment, and personal transformation for me, and I am honoured and elated to introduce my NEW Advanced MindScape course to you!

it's time for a new adventure

During this three-day course, powerful insights and aha moments will stretch the synaptic connections of your neuropathways, loosening rigid and limiting beliefs to rewire your brain to new possibilities while creating space for your very own potential to shine through to your conscious awareness.


You’ll be led deeper into the theory of the mind while adding tools and techniques to your MindScape workshop and learn how to access MindScape on-demand and with your eyes open.


This powerful class will spark a quantum shift in your understanding of self and will provide awareness for supporting yourself on your journey.  


Come Advanced MindScape with me in-person or online.

Alongside other inspired individuals,

you'll learn how to:

+ Access your MindScape workshop, the alpha state, and thus, your subconscious mind quicker.


+ Deepen your understanding of the theory and science behind MindScape, epigenetics, and the power of the mind. 

+ Practice interpreting and translating the symbolism, imagery, and messages from your subconscious mind

+ Reconnect with the power and potential within your MindScape workshop.

+ Use your MindScape tools with your eyes open -- to interact with, understand, and begin to see the mirrors all around you. 

+ Supercharge your MindScape skills and take your workshop to the next level. 


+ Take an active role in co-creating your life.

+ Gain a deeper understanding of your ego and your intuition. 


+ Expand your mind to the incredible possibilities available to you.


+ Uncover & unravel the false limiting beliefs that are the barriers to your desires & success.


+ Examine & reinvent what you believe about yourself.


+ Spark passion, inspiration, desires & authentic aspirations.


+ Deeply de-stress the body and mind, and experience powerful health benefits. 


+ Spark personal evolution, inner growth, self-healing, and incredible shifts in perception 


+ Build deepened trust in your intuition.


+ Connect with your value and profound potential. 

+ Understand that you have all the answers you need.

you've got the whole world
         in your hands

Advanced MindScape is for you if:

> You LOVE MindScape and you want MORE. 
(If you haven't taken MindScape yet, then register for a core MindScape class first.)

> You want to get into MindScape faster.


> You are fascinated to learn how to MindScape with your eyes open. 


> Your logical mind often shuts down possibilities before they get off the ground. 

> You're tired of the same old issues showing up on a repeat loop. 

> You want to create lasting & impactful change in your life.

> You want to understand yourself more deeply.

> You have so much untapped potential & you're ready to take aligned action.

If you're ready to dive deeper, live freer, and with more tenderness, I'll see you in class!

Follow the pull. 
Trust your curiosity. 
Lean into the possibility.

Come stretch your synapses with me!

A word from Advanced MindScape graduates:

The Details:

Advanced MindScape: Stretching the Synapses is offered online and in-person.

Courses are set up as an intensive 3-day course with mandatory extra homework for you to fit in at the end of each day. 


Course Timeline:

  • North America Online: 3 days, 9am-2pm CST (5 hours + homework)

  • In-person: 3 days 9am-4pm

Prerequisite: core MindScape.


For course offerings, click our Events tab and click here to REGISTER. 

If you are interested coordinating an Advanced MindScape seminar (in-person or online), please ensure you have taken MindScape and coordinated a BodyTalk or MindScape course before, then contact me via email with the subject line: Coordinator Inquiry.