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It was the sweetest experience last week when this little cutie came to visit me in my healing room before I started a day of distance BodyTalk sessions.

He was curious. “What do you do when your clients come here, Mommy?” (He’s had TONS of BodyTalk sessions, but he usually receives them via distance sessions when he is asleep.)

So I took the time to walk him through how a BodyTalk session works, and I figured you might be wondering, too!

First, if doing an in-person session, you’ll come into my treatment room (with a mask on) and sit down in the chair while we go over how you’re feeling, what you’ve been noticing lately in your body and mind. Next, you will lie down on my cozy and relaxing massage table—fully clothed. You will simply relax and focus on your breath while I begin the session. I will “talk” to your body by using MindScape (structured visualization) and muscle testing on your wrist.

It was a fun experience doing a mini session for my little man. He smiled big, breathed deeply, and giggled when I tapped out his session. Then he gave me a big hug and left with a skip in his step. Kids are just the best mirrors! He was mirroring my excitement for my day of client sessions!

As a BodyTalk practitioner, I am a translator of what your body wants to say, release, and express in order to function optimally again. We release stress, emotions, old beliefs, emotional memories, thoughts, cell waste/toxins and more that can create communication blocks within the bodymind. Every session is very individual and meets you where you are at. With each BodyTalk session, we are peeling back the built-up layers of stress, suppressed emotions, compiled beliefs, labels, and more in order to enable your body to reestablish healthy communication, restore natural functions, and find balance and healing.

Bodytalk is an effective, gentle, and non-invasive holistic healing modality that takes into account the whole person--mind, body, emotions, experiences, spirit and more. It is insightful, enlightening, stress-relieving, and soothing. BodyTalk sessions are an incredible tool of awareness for personal growth, health and healing, self-awareness, and so much more. Sessions are offered in-person in Warman or remotely where I send a voice recording after the session time to explain the session details. Both session methods are equally effective.

And if your kids are struggling right now, BodyTalk is amazing for people of all ages. There is a lot for us all to process through right now, and sometimes we need some help.

I know my littles need a BodyTalk session when they’re regularly experiencing: BIG emotions, emotional eruptions, sleep disruptions, all the attitude, stuck mindsets, physical symptoms, injuries, clumsiness, prolonged squirrelly attention spans, BIG attitude, lack of emotional regulation. Every child is different, but these are the telltale signs I've noticed within over a decade of working with kids. The sessions always bring insight and shed light on what has been bothering them, what emotions they’ve been holding in, and where they’re requiring some extra TLC. BodyTalk sessions are a great complementary tool for mindful parenting.

My goal when working with new clients is to always help get them more in tune with their bodies and minds. This can translate into increased body awareness: paying attention to your body's cues, learning to listen to your body's requests, and learning to honour your body's needs. It can also mean increased awareness of one's thoughts, self-talk, and internal mind chatter. You'd be surprised how much is going on in your head that most of us just don't hear. I also aim to help teach my clients how to begin to understand the messages from their bodies, how symptoms arise to get our attention, and once we get the message, we no longer need the symptom. Not only that, but often when clients are ready to continue into the depth of their healing and self-growth, there can be mindset priorities that come to the surface. That next level allows us to journey into opening the mind, and questioning the priority beliefs we believe to be true. It is almost magical to witness how easily people can make different choices once we delve into this realm.

If you are interested in trying a BodyTalk session, head to to book a session.


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