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Test Drive of Stretching the Synapses

Almost two weeks ago, I had the absolute pleasure of sharing my new Advanced MindScape course—Stretching the Synapses—with a group of 5 amazing humans from all over North America from Mexico to Vancouver Island, Florida to Winnipeg, and Warman to Clavet.

Leading this course was SUCH a big stretch for me. Even though I’d been preparing my course for months and completing my instructor training along the way, my mind told me I wasn’t prepared; I wasn’t ready.

Well, the class was booked and full, so TOO BAD, Kristin!

I was launched outside my comfort zone, and this is, after all, the purpose of teaching a mock class—to get the first go under your belt; to test drive the course, get feedback, and see how everything lands with the students. It helps the instructor get a feel for what needs to be adjusted, added, or omitted.

But WHOAAA NELLY did it also bring up a slew of limiting beliefs for me!

I wasn’t fully surprised. This is a huge part of the process in instructor training—to dive deeper to meet our next layer of limits. And when you’re putting your ideas out to the world, it can feel incredibly vulnerable, thus triggering a fear and protection response for the mind. The mind wants to keep you safe, and would love to talk you out of moving forward on the task that brings vulnerability.

However, the mind tantrums were intense, you guys.

And mean.

And anxiety-inducing.

And the busyness of my mind was totally exhausting at times.

Even though I was receiving lovely, positive feedback from the attendees, my mind was still in fear mode--just flippin’ right out.

(* <--see image of how I really felt)

But, here’s the thing:

Even though I panic-texted one of my supervisors right before my 3rd day of class to talk me down…

even though I was exhausted after day 2…

even though my mind has had some ups & downs since…

I made it through.

I didn't die of vulnerability--even though my mind would've liked to convince me that it was that serious! LOL!

And the view from the end was so freakin’ beautiful--it made me cry.

The transformations I’ve heard attendees experiencing are mind-blowing.

The expansiveness I felt in every aspect of life following the course was breathtaking.

And the passion I feel, and the potential that will be ignited within participants with this new Advanced MindScape course will stretch my mind every. single. time.

That’s what MindScape is all about.

Our minds create our limits.

We can choose to believe those limits are written in stone and are permanent and unchangeable.


We can get curious about them, poke some holes in them, and realize there are a million other ways for us to CHOOSE to do life.

MindScape and Advanced MindScape courses help us shift our mental limits, so our experience of life inevitably EXPANDS!


But it’s really just psychology, neuroplasticity, and how the subconscious mind works. ⚡️🦄

These courses teach you the techniques and tools to utilize to physically, mentally, and emotionally shift, change, and rewire your brain.

Imagine what could be possible for you.

And join me for a MindScape seminar, or Advanced MindScape: Stretching the Synapses (coming this December).


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