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MindScape Seminars

Increasing your awareness is a powerful unraveling and awakening process that will transform your life. 


The more you use your personal development tools, the more metamorphosis you will experience as you shed away the layers of false beliefs that have been covering up your true self. 

Begin consciously creating your life with purpose


There is so much more to personal transformation than simply shifting your thoughts to positive thinking. 

Your thoughts are stemming from your SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEFS, which means that your thoughts are actually clues to the deep seated mental programming that you are functioning from. 

Consider the sheer amount of belief systems stored in the subconscious mind. If you’re not familiar with this, consider the iceberg analogy: 

The conscious mind is the tip of the iceberg, whereas the subconscious mind is the bottom of the iceberg. You know that the tip of the iceberg is only a tiny fraction of what is beneath the surface.  Researchers state that the conscious mind comprises about 1% of the mind, while the subconscious composes 99% of our mind. 

To reiterate, 99% of our mind is SUBCONSCIOUS, meaning we are totally unaware of what’s happening in there!

And those subconscious beliefs are what we are basing ALL of our decisions on which means the subconscious mind is in the driver seat of our life almost in totality, and we don’t even realize it. 


That's kind of scary, hey?  

Would you like to do something about it?

I thought you might.

Well, in order to create incredible change in your life, it begins by reprogramming the software of the mind, aka your beliefs.  In order to change your beliefs, you first must discover what they are, which is what brings us to meat and potatoes of all of the course offerings below. 

You are a powerful being and you were not meant to stay small and stuck. It’s time to harness your inner power, awaken your awareness, and rise to your potential so you can create the impact you’d like to have in your life. 

Nothing is in your way except for your BELIEFS.

And you're the only one that can do something about it. 

The world needs you to be all you can be.

That's the reason you are here. 

It's time to dive in.

Here's how I'm currently working with empowered trail blazers:

(Online + In-Person)


Membership Programs

MindScape is a two-day seminar where you will learn techniques to harness the true potential of your mind, which will allow you to uncover beliefs that have been limiting your experience of life. 

Wild Abundance Masterclass is a one-day masterclass to guide you into unraveling your limiting beliefs around all aspects of abundance. Whether abundance to you means time, freedom, finances, clients, love, health, or wealth, you will learn tools and techniques to transform your experience of an abundant life.

Advanced MindScape: Stretching the Synapses. Coming Soon.

These programs were created to support MindScape students in utilizing their MindScape workshop to it's full potential and to show students the magnitude of what is really possible when diving into this transformative work. 

Who knew your mind had SO much untapped potential?! 


These programs will guide you into yourself and give you a supportive platform to awaken your awareness. 

MindScape Membership Academy (MMA)

This monthly membership program supports MindScape graduates to make MindScape a way of life. Through bi-weekly group support calls, online support program (Ignited Intuition), and a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to growth, you'll master your MindScape skills and have fun while you're at it. 

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