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The Mind Stories that Stop Us

Last weekend, I flew out to Vancouver. Solo.

I attended an epic event with some incredibly courageous humans, and I had the insane pleasure of meeting some of the business masterminds I’ve been working and connecting with via Zoom, but hadn’t met in the flesh yet!

I hadn't been on a plane by myself since the last time I traveled to teach MindScape before COVID came along. Yep, that was about 4 years ago.

I LOVE flying on my own. It is my church. It feels like magic to be on a plane with no agenda but honouring my intuition. I often write, read, or journal. And not having cell service is a great way to unplug and get reconnected.

When I first saw the event listing though, I thought, “OMG, I have to go to this!”

But then my rational brain kicked in and told me all of the reasons that it was a completely outlandish thought. And then I went and validated all of those rational brain stories to confirm to myself that, in fact, I could not attend. Oyyyy. How often do we do this to ourselves?!

>>Wayyyy too often<<

I checked my hubby’s schedule: He’s working. = can’t go… because, kids.

Then I checked flights: $1100 for a flight from Saskatoon to Vancouver, for one person. YIKES. Can’t go.

Then I checked event tickets: SOLD OUT. I missed the deadline. Definitely. Can’t. Go.

Our mind makes up all kinds of very convincing stories to tell us what we cannot do—whether that’s because we think it’s impossible or illogical, or that we aren’t capable. When we boil it all down, these stories are excuses to keep us safe, warm, and cozy in our comfort zones. OOOF.

Sure, sounds comfortable, doesn’t it?

But I also knew in my heart that I really, really wanted to go.

So I went into MindScape to help me get clarity, and here's what I experienced:

I could see myself at the venue. I could see myself connecting with amazing humans, smiling with sparkly eyes, hugging the people I’ve only met through a Zoom screen, and networking and up-leveling beyond anything I could even imagine. I could taste it. I could feel the tears in my eyes and the support enveloping me, sending goosebumps across my skin. I could feel my mind expanding. I could feel my heart expanding and filling with warmth. My eyes popped open. There was my answer.

Even though it *seemed* absolutely impossible, I sent the details to my husband saying, “I want to go. 😬” He immediately replied, “You need to go to this!”

Then my logical mind kicked in and told him all of the reasons I couldn’t go, all the reasons it didn't 'make sense' to go. Luckily, he knows the work I do and calls me on my own limits when he sees me spewing them.

“Who cares?!” He said. “You’re going!”

“But it’s too expensive.”

“It doesn’t matter one bit. You need this.” He said. “You always revolve around my work schedule, and it’s time that we work around you.”

Cue the teary eyes and a lump in my throat.

Even though it would mean going to an event by myself…

Even though it would be a huge comfort zone stretch…

Even though I had every excuse in the book to resist…

I *knew* he was right.

I needed some time to myself. I needed to be my own priority for a few days. I needed to go off on a plane.

How often do we shut down our intuitive knowing and our “HELL YES” gut feelings with loads of BS excuses?

Because here's the thing:

IF you think it's impossible, it sure as shit will be.

IF you think you can’t make it happen, you certainly won’t be able to.

But is any of that because it’s actually impossible? NOPE. Not even close.

Anything is possible.

Last weekend, after this conversation with my hubby, I was overloaded prepping for a Halloween party and solo parenting while he was working nights. On his breaks at work, he booked time off work, messaged my parents to line up a night they could keep our kids, looked up flights, found a promo code, a flight deal, and the best-rated, most reasonably priced hotel two blocks from the event venue in downtown Vancouver.

Can you say, Super Husband?!

I appreciated this so much. And I really needed my husband’s help and support so that I would actually go for it. There were a lot of limiting beliefs being challenged for me, and that’s always when resistance and self-sabotage kick in. I know this. He knows this. We know this for each other.

He always pulls through with all the cheerleading and support for my wild ideas. But, I do the exact same thing for him. It’s really wonderful.

And that $1100 flight I found, he didn't take my $1100 for an answer. He went hunting for a better price and found it for $750. Then because he messaged my parents to keep the kids for a night, they mentioned they had an expiring flight credit that they needed to get rid of. So my flight ended up costing $150 plus a few hours of doing what I love. Can you say manifesting?! This trip was never about the money... money is just a hang up that we often use as an excuse. I knew this trip would be wildly expansive for me in mind, body, heart, and finances, even if it cost me money first.

Isn’t it interesting how things can fall into place like absolute magic if we get our dang limiting minds out of the way?!

THIS IS WHY MINDSCAPE IS SO POWERFUL---> because it helps us get our limiting BS out of our way... which helps us get out of our own way.

We need to remember to ask: What else is possible?

It is the mind and our attachments to our perceived ‘limits’ that shut down all the possibilities. When we open our minds, anything can unfold for us. I’m talking—ANYTHING.

Once he booked my flights, I couldn’t resist anymore! So, I went to town trying to find a ticket to the sold-out event. Luckily, my business mentor was speaking at the event, and she was able to get her hands on a ticket for me. PHEWF!

Just like that, the impossible was made possible.

**Stay tuned for my next blog post where I'll share about my resistance, the expansion, the lessons learned, and insight gained.**

Now, IMAGINE with me for a moment: What else could be possible for you? What else could be easier for you? What dreams and HELL YES’s could fall into your lap?

And what resistance might need to unravel so you’d be ready with open arms to receive the possibilities you hadn’t imagined?

All of this to say:

Question your resistance.

Question your limiting thoughts.

Question your excuses.

Ask yourself how these excuses, limits, resistance, and BS are keeping you safe? How are they keeping you hiding in your comfort zone? Is that actually serving you anymore? Or is it time to stretch?

It doesn’t matter if the excuse is kids’ sports schedules, shift-working spouses, work schedules, finances, location, symptoms, drama, or work… or thinking you “can’t” or whatever other excuse your mind makes up…

If you feel that curiosity, that pull or that HELL YES: take action, do the work, and watch it all come to life! Then SHOW UP ready to soak it all up! I’m sure we could all use this reminder—I know I sure needed it!

Where have you been resisting your *knowing*, your desires, or your curiosity? What could happen if you leaned in? What magic could unfold? Feel free to hit reply and fill me in if you need an ear to hear you. If you’ve been feeling the pull to join me for MindScape, my November 18 & 19 class has a spot with your name on it.

Claim your spot ASAP to get your hands on the Black Friday deal of Ignited Intuition (3-week online support program) for FREE before the class is full. Register here!

Or, I've added another MindScape Online for December 9 & 10th as I'm not able to hold Advanced Mindscape yet. The December class is going to be FULL, so grab your seat quick if you're feeling the pull, then make it happen and watch your world expand!

I can't wait to MindScape with you!


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