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Have you tried therapy?

My 2024 so far can be summed up as deep and healing.

In December, I started seeing the mostly lovely therapist that was recommended to me by my best friend, and it's been such a great complement to MindScape + BodyTalk and, thus, so supportive my healing journey. She does somatic therapy--where I notice what I am feeling in my body, and she notices what I am expressing through my body language, while working through our therapy session. It's perfectly aligned for me considering all things BodyTalk and body awareness--it's really allowed me to lean in, unpack some mental and emotional baggage, and deepen my understanding of self.

Yes, I do inner work for a living.

Yes, I receive regular BodyTalk sessions.

Yes, I Teach MindScape--a personal development course.

And yes, I lead a MindScape Membership program where we meet every other week to deep dive and connect--it's beautiful. 

And ALL of this TOGETHER has been such a powerful catalyst for peeling back the layers of belief systems, emotional holdings, and polarized perceptions. 

I've always done a ton of self-care and inner work, but I've noticed a shift in myself in the last few months: 

I stopped believing I had to do it all on my own.

And I'm sure this is a big part of what opened me up to the idea of going to therapy. 

Shifting this belief is actually HUGE for me. I've had a hyper-independence coping mechanism for as long as I can remember. So of course, how you do one thing is how you do everything. It's always been safer to let others lean on me than it has been to let myself lean on others.

Since I've been unpacking that belief, along with receiving the support of all of my modalities, it feels like I have been able to crawl out of some pretty deep subconscious muck. 

I feel I've been breaking this belief down for a while though--slowly but surely chipping away at it. 

Here's how:

> by starting my MindScape Membership program a year ago where I get to connect with the most lovely humans every other week and share our MindScape insights, healing, and inner work;

> by building some really deep and supportive new friendships;

> by deep diving with my bestie;

> by leaning into all the self care and inner work;

> by stretching my comfort zone and attending new events;

> by receiving regular BodyTalk sessions;

> by prioritizing self care;

> by using MindScape regularly;

> by attending aligned and soul-stretching conferences--yes I went completely solo to two of them.

The hyper independence belief finally has some cracks in it, and it feels really good. I'm crawling out of my cocoon, and it feels liberating AF. 

And allowing myself to receive support has been wildly helpful, and has allowed me to move through some pretty powerful realizations and aha moments. I feel inspired again.

All of which opened the door to attending Advanced MindScape Online with a fellow instructor a couple weeks ago! And that just blew the roof off of everything else that had been stuck! I'll share more about my Advanced MindScape experience in my next email. Stay tuned.

Until then, this is your public service reminder to SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF + YOUR HEALING. 

Do the therapy, book your BodyTalk session, attend the sound bath, commit to your personal growth, register for MindScape or Advanced MindScape (even if you've taken it 4 times).

Don't stop leaning in. 


It'll free you to be more authentically YOU.

Imagine how that could feel

(And when you're ready--or even if you're "not"--join me for MindScape or Advanced MindScape and let's peel back our layers, together.)


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