You're here because you want to create change.  

It's time. You can feel it in your bones and

you're ready to do something about it. 

I work with inspired, intelligent, and courageous people, like you, every week. 


I'll help you open your mind, dive into your heart, and discipher the messages from your body. Along the way, you'll expand your body awareness and awareness of self.  You'll get to know yourself better.

After all, you can't change what aren't aware of! 

We will bring to light the limiting beliefs that are roadblocking your deepest desires so you can get crystal clear on your vision and take inspired action to build your dreams.


Together we will bring awareness to the forefront to create incredible change and transformation.

Along the way, clients have the incredible side effects of:

> healing their physical bodies + shifting their minds

> increased mind-body awareness 

> getting clarity on their dreams + desires

> stepping into their power

> taking responsibility + control of their health + happiness

becoming aware of their self-talk

> realizing and rising to their potential

> getting out of their own way

> making the impact they are here to make



Programs & Courses

Here's how I'm currently working with change makers:


Kristin is a gifted practitioner and a warm and kind person. If you've been on the fence about booking a session, don't wait any longer. Thank you Kristin for brightening this world with all you do!

-Rosalie Juravle,

BodyTalk Pracitioner


Kristin is a delight! I have missed getting to see her in person but her distance sessions are still magical and very healing for me. She makes you feel totally comfortable and is great at explaining everything that she does. Thanks for everything!!

-Krista Davis