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You're here because you are itching for change.  

You are SO ready to do something about it. 

I work with inspired, intelligent, and courageous people just like you, in every course I teach. 



You'll learn to open your mind, dive into your heart, and to bring to light the limiting beliefs that are roadblocking your deepest desires so you can get crystal clear on your vision and take inspired action to build your dreams.


You will learn how to bring awareness to the forefront to create incredible change and transformation.

And you're here because you're really ready to dive in!


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Please Read our Cancellation Policy and Fine Print below before completing your Registration.

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Please also register through the IBA for MindScape & BodyTalk Access seminars. 


Cancellation Policy & Fine Print

1) $150 CDN Deposit is required to hold your space for MindScape, $100 for monitors; $50 CDN Deposit for BodyTalk Access
2) To be eligible for the earlybird rate, payment must be completed in full 3 weeks prior to the seminar date.  To be eligible for the Abundance & Ignited discounts, students must register for them at the same time as completing registration for MindScape.
3) Instructor reserves the right to cancel seminars due to low attendance. Please contact the local coordinator to confirm the seminar before booking travel accommodations. The Instructor is not responsible for any unforeseeable travel expenses due to course cancellation.
In the unlikely event that the Instructor has to cancel the course due to low attendance, full refunds will be given.
​4) Cancellation period before course date:
         4 weeks+: Full refund
        2-4 weeks: Refund LESS the deposit
        0-2 weeks: No refunds
​5) No refunds for Ignited Intuition MindScape Support Program or other Online Programs.
​5) Please contact your local coordinator for exact seminar location and lodging suggestions.
​6) All personal information will remain private and confidential for Instructor and IBA use only.


Upcoming Event Dates

MindScape in Warman, SK: October 22 & 23, 9am-530pm IBA REGISTER 

MindScape ONLINE: October 22 & 23, 9am-530pm CST - IBA REGISTER 

Wild Abundance Masterclass ONLINE: Friday, November 12, 2021 from 9am-5pm CST

MindScape ONLINE Brazil: November 19 5-9pm BST, November 20 & 21 9am-2pm BST 
*with translation from English<>Portugese*


MindScape ONLINE: December 10 & 11 9am-530pm CST



MindScape ONLINE: February 4 & 5, 2022, 9am-530pm CST - 


MindScape Online Course times are as follows:

  • For the three-day MindScape option: Vancouver PST 7am-12pm; Saskatchewan CST 9am-2pm; New York/Toronto EST 10am-3pm; London UK 3pm-8pm. 

  • For the two-day course option WINTER TIMES: Vancouver PST 7am-330pm; Saskatchewan CST 9am-530pm; New York/Toronto EST 10am-630pm; London UK 3pm-1130pm

  • For the two-day course option SUMMER TIMES: Vancouver PST 8am-430pm; Saskatchewan CST 9am-530pm; New York/Toronto EST 11am-730pm; London UK 4pm-1230am

*Prior to registering for MindScape Online, please ensure you are able to be fully committed to the course without distraction for the scheduled event times. This is an interactive class, therefore, you will need to have a reliable internet connection and video/audio connectivity to participate. 

Investment in your Potential

MindScape investment: $700 CDN + GST
Earlybird discount: Save $50 when you pay in full 3 weeks prior to the course.

Ignited Intuition

This MindScape Support Program is offered to graduates of the MindScape course, as well as past MindScape graduates who would like to join us for this eye-opening, awareness inspiring, subconscious exploring 21-day adventure. For more info CLICK HERE


Unshackled & Unleashed

This 4-week MindScape Support Program is offered to graduates of the MindScape course, as well as past MindScape graduates who would like to join us for diving deep into the subconscious mind to investigate deep fears and limiting beliefs that are not longer serving us. This course is delivered online and offered once a year in July.

Wild Abundance Masterclass

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