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On the Humanness of Healing

Last week, I received a message from a past MindScape student after she read my blog post about my visit with my oncologist whom I hadn't seen in 13 years. If you missed that post, you can check it out here.

This woman mentioned how she liked that I shared what happens in my head and how it gave her hope to see that I still struggle in managing my mind.

This was a very interesting tidbit to receive because I certainly do not think or believe I have my mind under control or all figured out.

Nope. Notta.

And if I gave you the impression that I DO have my mind all figured out, I owe you an apology.

I'm sorry. That was never my intention.

Here's why:

Because my mind flares.

I overreact.

I have ego tantrums.

I am far from a perfect parent. Ooof.

And sure, maybe I do notice and hear the fear stories get spun inside my head sooner than some other people might. But I don't always catch them. Some slip past me. Some lead to overreactions. Some get my emotions flared right up.

And you know what, sometimes I am really stinking good at trusting myself, honouring my intuition, and nurturing my body and mind.

But lots of other times, I'm not.

Lots of other times, I completely forget to use my tools.

Lots of other times, I let my reactions get the best of me and take me on a runaway train ride for a while before I even notice.

Why do you think I'm in this realm of work?

Why do you suppose I need to be the one experiencing MindScape, BodyTalk, and Advanced MindScape all the time?

It's because I need it.

It's because I have a strong-ass ego and logical left brain that often shuts down my creative, magical, imaginative, intuitive self on the regular.

I always tell my students that I'm not leading an abundance masterclass because I'm an expert in abundance and I've got it all figured out. Nope! And while I have some neat stories to share about abundance, I lead that class, MindScape, and more because I understand the tools to help us unravel and upgrade our mental programming. So leading these classes continually helps me unravel my own limiting beliefs, fears, active memories, and more, which is why I lo

And you know what else teaching this magical MindScape class does?

It opens me up.

It opens my mind. It opens my heart.

It fuels me with courage, trust, and confidence in my inner self, my inner knowing, and my inner truth.

It unwinds the elaborate stories that my fear-brain spins.

It opens me up to my dreams and desires--no matter how ginormous or teeny they are.

It allows me to be gentle with myself, my growth, and my unlearning.

It allows me to stretch myself, and pursue my wild ideas and passions with abandon, knowing that no matter what happens, I'll learn and grow from it.

This is why I call MindScape magical. Because that's how it FEELS:

Like YOU've finally got the whole world in your hands.

The journey of self-development is an evolution. It is never-ending. There is no finish line. There is always more to unravel, and that feels like a fun opportunity to me.

Every time I lead a Mindscape class, I am unlearning along side the participants. What a wonderful blessing it is.

Thanks for being here with me.

If you've been considering taking MindScape, this is what you could experience, too. Come find out for yourself at my next MindScape seminar! Click here to learn more.


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