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You are fire

Written by Kristin Pierce

You are made of fire:

crackling and sparkling,


as you dance

with roaring authenticity

constantly transforming,


transfixing others

with your wild glow,

your passionate blaze,

your unapologetic burn.

This is your magic

fuelled by the things

that move you,

that stir your soul,

that prod your heart,

that open your mind.

Don’t tame your flame.

for nothing.

for no one.

Let it burn

like blazing passion.

Let it crackle

like roaring laughter.

Let it warm

the souls in your presence.

Let it ignite

your purpose.

Let its blaze grow

Deep within your heart.

Let it burn.




made of fire.


About the Author:​

Kristin Pierce loves chai lattes, inspirational quotes, writing in coffee shops, and questioning beliefs. She is an award-winning author and a self-awareness educator whose mission is to empower others to deconstruct the limiting beliefs that are keeping them small and stuck in order to rise to their potential, come alive, and impact the world. Kristin is the Founder of Inner Compass Academy and Inner Compass Books. She is a MindScape Instructor, Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, Registered Massage Therapist, & Children's Book Author.

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Find her on Facebook & Instagram @InnerCompassAcademy and @InnerCompassBooks.


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