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Reunion of the Minds

Back in December, I arrived early to meet my family at Glow Saskatoon. (Me, early? I know, right?) Well, apparently it was synchronistic because while I was looking out the window watching for any sign that my family was going to show up, I heard, “Kristin?”

I turned around and was completely surprised to see my inventor friend, Kyle, looking at me.

“Whoa. Hi. What are you doing here?” I said, completely caught off guard. Never in a million years had I expected to accidentally run into him again.

He was there with his entire family, the last of whom were coming in the front doors, waiting to go into Glow for their 4pm booking time. He casually introduced me to his family while I was tried to get my bearings.

Now, this may not seem like a big deal. However, if you consider that he lives between the Cayman Islands and Niagara Falls for most of the year, then also consider the fact that Glow was on for over six weeks with multiple booking times throughout each day of the week—you’ll see that the odds were almost impossible that we would run into each other at the same place on the same day at the same time. What’s more, each of our moms were the ones who booked the Glow family get togethers at the exact same time. Crazy, right?! (Must be another coincidence! Ha!)

Nonetheless, here we were.

It was yet another serendipitous run-in. We chatted briefly and agreed to get in touch for a catch up visit.

We had barely spoken since we first met in Toronto back in April of 2018, so I had no idea he would be in Saskatchewan for Christmas. In case you would like to catch up on our synchronistic meet up from 2018, click here to read what went down.

Last Friday, we were finally able to coordinate our schedules to connect for a visit. To say it was an inspiring visit would be a wild understatement. I knew it would blow my mind wide open, just like it did the first time.

“So, what’s your end goal?” he asked as soon as he had ordered his drink. “Where do you want to take this?”

Big questions right out of the gate. I would expect nothing less from a mind like his. Not that I was unprepared. I know my vision. I have a regular date with myself, my values, my desires, my hubby, and my businesses to align and up-level my vision. End goals don't have to be static or limiting, though. They are more like big lighthouses along the way to keep you on track. You may not know every step along the way, but your vision keeps you aligned when you are connected with how you want to FEEL along the way.

Humbly, Kyle filled me in on all that had transpired in his business in the past 18 months. And when I say transpired, I should actually say perspired. This guy is a go-getter. He has a big vision, he aims high, and he doesn’t let a damn thing get in his way. It is incredibly inspiring to be in the presence of people who think THIS BIG. This mindset is almost contagious as it encourages others to think bigger, too.

He has been willing to do whatever it takes to get where he wants to go. Not only had Kyle worked on his invention for four years prior to when we met, but he also invested countless hours, finances, and resources into creating the vision he could see in his mind. He has a small team that helps him make it all happen, but he knows his product better than the back of his hand. He has tested, tweaked, optimized, added to, and perfected every possible facet of his invention.

How inspiring is that?!

Just wait, it gets better.

After listening to the incredible workings of his mind, his thoughts, and his vision, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Do you ever sleep?”

“Well, ya. But I do have a hard time sleeping. I work best in the evenings, so sometimes it is hard to wind down.”

“That’s not surprising at all. You don’t ever shut your mind off. Do you still get your best ideas in the shower?” ”Yep,” he responded. ”So, do you just take crazy long showers then?” I inquired.

“Yep. Really long.”

I laughed. That’s when I pulled out Magnus O’Meere, Mind Pioneer, opened it up, and pointed to the page with the list of mind hacks. “Maybe you should try some of these techniques—you know, open up your range for getting into your flow state.”

Kyle began reading through the list. It was a surreal moment that etched into my mind. I finally got to show a real-live inventor my children’s book about inventing! Not only that, but he was intrigued and interested in it. Because, after all, the book is more about the impressive power of the mind, intuition, creativity, and imagination than it is about inventing. My book was making the inventor stretch his mind and I could see his wheels turning.

Mission accomplished, I thought. I felt so proud that I’m sure my smile was visible from every corner of the coffee shop. I couldn’t help myself, so I snapped a pic:

“Read this part,” I said, pointing. “I added this because of what you do.”

The lines read:

"With dedication his minds were able to merge to perfect epic visions that were stuck on the verge. He hit many roadblocks, but by taking a shower,

Solutions emerged with an awe-striking power."

Kyle smiled, impressed.

“Just wait, there’s more,” I said, flipping to the Marvellous Minds resource at the back of the book. “Check this out,” I said, beaming. The spread contains twenty real people who utilized their intuitive minds to create revolutionary ideas, theories, techniques, gadgets, and pieces of art, literature, and optimal human performance. He was eating it up.

“Where did you find all of this information?” he asked, intrigued.

“I teach a lot of this in the course I was telling you about called MindScape. I’ve learned a lot of it over the last decade.”

“Okay. But, how do you know all of this?” His wheels were turning and all I could do was smile. I had impressed an inventor! It was a pretty surreal experience to see him interested in all I had put into the book.

“This is what we do in our minds in MindScape. We build a mental framework called our workshop. We relax our bodies and our minds to get into the alpha brain state where we then adventure, create, explore, and learn. It’s the most valuable tool I have. It’s what has gotten me to where I am. You should come take it. I’m teaching next weekend. Then you can get into your idea state more often instead of having to “think” everything into fruition.”

I knew he wouldn't come. Extreme left-brained people are often too logical to be open to the possibility that you can use your mind in a more efficient way than "thinking". But, I also knew that MindScape would open his mind, expand the possibilities even more, and create the ease of not having to always be functioning from the thinking brain. That is not to discount the thinking brain, but it is SO much more powerful and efficient when it gets plugged into that right brain creativity, intuition, and imagination... that's why he has long showers to get his ideas. The shower helps his mind and body relax to allow his intuitive mind to slip its two cents in. Otherwise, his mind is too loud and busy to hear any intuitive or imaginative input. Nonetheless, it was a good reminder for me to reflect upon where I'm being too logical in my business growth.

I left this visit with inspiration pulsing through my veins. It made me think bigger, aim higher, and blow all of my limiting beliefs out of the water. When I got home, I had a lot of unpacking to do. My mind felt full, so rather than checking out, I grabbed my notebook and journaled non-stop until I had fully unpacked all of the incredible insights and takeaways I had from that meeting.

I asked myself:

What did I learn? What are the takeaways?

What do I feel inspired by?

Where am I being too logical? How is that limiting me? Where am I not backing up my dreams with a plan, a system or a strategy?

Where have I been too fearful to risk? Where could I be more courageous?

Am I honouring my growth and my journey? How could I do that more?

Where can I think bigger?

Where can I get out of my own way?

After three pages of notes and loads of insights, I also dug into how I was getting in my own way with starting illustrations for my next book, Hazel Mist, Hypnotist. That very morning I had signed a contract with an incredible New Zealand-based illustrator to start on my newest book called Sweet Dreams Express. Everything just flowed so easily with this book, so it found it's place at the front of the production line. Hazel Mist, Hypnotist, on the other hand, had been running into some roadblocks--of my own design, of course. The budget had been freaking me out, so in realizing that was my roadblock, being inspired to think outside the box allowed me to chop $2000 off the budget in the matter of minutes. I realized that I needed to take the plunge, muster my courage, and claim that I am ready to up-level my business. Things had been shifting so much already, but Kyle's entrepreneurial drive and courage inspired me to get out of my own damn way. And that is exactly what I did!

Here’s what I took away from our reunion of the minds:

* Don’t be afraid to aim outrageously high, then back it up with a solid foundation and plan to bring your vision to life.

* Don’t let anything get in your way. (Especially not your limiting beliefs).

* There is always room for improvement and optimization.

Reflect on your processes and systems. How can you make them more efficient, functional, streamlined, profitable, etc.

* Absolutely anything is possible.

You just have to get your doubts out of the way. Don't let your mind tell you that you can't. Anything is possible if you have enough nerve and get out of your own way!

* Stop and smell the damn roses along the way!

Enjoy the ride—otherwise, what’s the point? Don't spend all of your time doing something that you don't enjoy. Also, make sure you're soaking it all in along the way--not just rushing to the ever-illusive finish line.

* LOVE what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.

Neither of us would be able to do what we are doing if we weren’t wildly passionate about it. What is your WHY? What drives you internally?

* Make time for the conversations that stretch your mind, your heart, and your soul.

* The power of unwavering confidence.

It doesn’t come from nowhere. Back it up. If you feel unsure about something, there’s usually a reason.

* Reward doesn’t show up without risk.

Being an entrepreneur means you have to believe in your vision more than anything. Risk means trusting yourself, mustering up your courage, and taking aligned action even when you feel the fear.

This visit inspired me to level up in my business, my thoughts, and my life in so many ways. The insights I shared above just scratch the surface of the insights that have continued to unravel in the past ten days. Inventors are, without a doubt, visionaries. But anyone can be a visionary to reinvent their life, their business, their mental programming, and so much more. So, all of this is to say, where can you think bigger?

Where are you keeping yourself small and playing it safe?

What lights a fire in your soul? How can you do more of that?

Where am I ready to grow?

Dig up your courage and bring your dreams to life. Because it is ALWAYS worth it.


About the Author:​

Kristin Pierce loves chai lattes, inspirational quotes, writing in coffee shops, and questioning beliefs. She is an award-winning author and a self-awareness educator whose mission is to empower others to deconstruct the limiting beliefs that are keeping them small and stuck in order to rise to their potential, come alive, and impact the world. Kristin is the Founder of Inner Compass Academy and Inner Compass Books. She is a MindScape Instructor, Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, Registered Massage Therapist, & Children's Book Author.

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Find her on Facebook & Instagram @InnerCompassAcademy and @InnerCompassBooks.

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