MindScape {poem}

MindScape is a 2-day workshop

That will truly blow your mind.

Open to the possibilities,

Unique insights you will find.

From the depths of your subconscious,

You’ll begin to unravel and discover

Beliefs that you think are truths.

But, you are ready to uncover.

The limits that restrict you,

The ways you stay boxed in,

The fears you’ve let define you,

Is it time to pull the pin?

On the past and all its baggage,

Who you think you have to be.

The labels you wear like skin.

Is it time to be set free?

From all the expectations,

Have to’s, musts, and shoulds,

To live the life you dream of,

Did you forget about the coulds?

Now I know this might sound scary.

What is the point of this for me?

Well, I’m sure you’ve heard of mindset.

The mind’s programming is the key,

To unlocking your potential;

Getting out of the way, you see.

You are truly your only limit.

What you discover will set you free.

‘Cause when you start to release

All your beliefs that just aren’t true.

You’ll open up to possibilities

That are magnificent and new.

You’ll see mirroring all around you

As a chance to learn and grow.

You’ll find wisdom in the wounds—

Your inner truth you’ll come to know.

Big dreams you thought had died

May begin pulsing through your veins.

New dreams birthed full of heart

When you harness both your brains.

You’ll start to understand your ego,

Hear its words and see its fears,

Which is wildly amazing ‘cause

You’ll unravel and switch gears.

You’ll see the world through new eyes;

Your life is happening just for you.

You don’t have to be who you’ve always been.

What real-life magic will you brew?

Are you ready to dive in, to

Rewrite the software of your mind?

Be all that you’re here to be.

It’s time to be redefined.