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The Potency of Consistency

In the last six months, I’ve had the honour of working with four clients every two weeks over a number of months via BodyTalk sessions. These sessions were in-person for two clients and via distance for the other two clients with ages ranging from 7 years old to 67 years old. This dedication and commitment to their health and wellbeing allowed me to (yet again) witness just how powerful holistic healing and mindset work truly is. But the most potent realization which I felt compelled to share was how the level of growth and transformation I witnessed was directly proportionate with the client's impressive consistency and dedication.

Consistency and dedication are the KEYS.

They're the keys to changing habits.

They're the keys to opening our minds.

They're the keys to getting connected with ourselves.

They're the keys to transformation.

The shifts and changes that I’ve witnessed these people go through have been deeply transformative and completely inspiring. Not only have they experienced impressive healing within their physical symptoms—often as the first thing that began to shift—but even more impressive is the shifts I’ve witnessed in their mindset, their level of awareness, and their perspectives of themselves, their world, and just what is possible now that they could not see before.

There are a few distinct things that I’ve noticed that have contributed to the amazing shifts that these people have experienced:

  1. They have committed to regular sessions. This commitment is pivotal because in order to commit to regular sessions, they first had to commit to themselves, know they are worth it, and show up.

  2. They are actively engaged in their healing:

    1. they do their assigned homework;

    2. they take aligned action;

    3. they support themselves, their bodies, and their minds;

    4. they take pieces of awareness and implement them;

    5. they begin to actively pay closer attention: to how they feel, to what they think, to catch their self-talk, to listen to what their bodies are telling them, to how they can best honour their needs.

  3. Even if they don’t understand how or why the sessions are working at the beginning, they trust how they feel afterwards—lighter, calmer, more open-hearted, more open-minded, more self-aware, healthier.

  4. They ask for help when they need it. (This one often requires a learning curve and some trial and error, but it's worth it!)

I am so proud of these clients, and it has been such an eye-opening experience to witness these lovely beings experience their own metamorphoses before my eyes. These transformations may have been initiated to help heal physical disharmonies within the body but, ultimately, these clients have shifted so much more than that.Over time, I've watched these wonderful people get more connected with themselves, begin to recognize the messages from their bodies, realize their desires, and shift their worlds:

I’ve watched one client open up to the idea of retirement, loosen grip on career as an identity, and take active steps to get a financial plan in order for retirement all within a couple of months. Not only did he shift his idea of work, but he shifted his perception of an injury (which has since given him zero grief), and began to allow life to show up with much more ease than he could have imagined before.

I’ve witnessed another client go from feeling intensely blocked by a physical ailment to getting clear on his path, his dreams, and what brings him joy, then aligning his life accordingly. Not only has he found alignment, but he has renewed energy, purpose, and a zest for life that shines through his eyes. His mindset has shifted and he is no longer letting his physical ailment determine his life's path, which is also how I know that his body is also healing (because his mindset has shifted in such a profound way).

A child client underwent an incredible transformation through consistent distance sessions with wonderful support from her dedicated parents who were willing to do anything to help their seven-year-old daughter. They committed to six sessions every two weeks, supported her and implemented suggested homework, only to watch their daughter completely transform. Lack of coordination was replaced with their daughter skipping and dancing. Learning difficulties in school began to dissolve, as this young girl began to read. Frustration and emotional build up was diffused, while joy and smiles shone through. Communication improved all-around, and now everyone is more in-tune and in sync.

Lastly, I’ve watched a client who suffered from migraines, dizziness, and anxiety attacks begin to understand the messages from her body, learn how to express her emotions and calm her mind, and learn how to support herself before her symptoms spin out of control. She has gained clarity and alignment with her desires, has given herself permission to pursue her dreams, has stepped into her power, and reclaimed her voice. She has taken the reigns of her life and I am excited to see how she continues to operate from the helm.

I feel so fortunate to get to learn from these clients and their consistent dedication to themselves. They are the ones who are doing the work. My job, as a practitioner is to offer a holistic and intuitive perspective, fresh ideas, and to pose questions to show that there are always more options than the mind believes. It is up to the clients to take those pieces of awareness and choose what to make of them.

Often, I get asked how often someone should come for BodyTalk sessions. And typically my response is this: As a general rule of thumb and to really experience the powerful benefits of BodyTalk, my recommendation is to book three sessions within a 4-6 week period. This will allow us to peel back some of the built up layers of stress from your bodymind which will help you to experience the how great you can really feel. After that, we can adjust accordingly and often begin to spread sessions out as you begin to feel more in touch with yourself. Many practitioners offer session packages that allow for savings on a commitment of a certain number of sessions.

My best advice is to commit to your healing, your self-care, and most importantly, yourself! You don't have to do it alone. One of the best parts of healing is having support people in your corner when you need to vent, unwind, express, share, or when you need an outside perspective. This is also such a great reminder for myself. Too often, we only ask for help when life or symptoms are spinning out of control. We all do at one point or another even when we know that being proactive is so much more effective than being reactive. Shift your mindset to incorporate self-care and prioritize healing even when you FEEL GOOD! Then watch what magic unfolds.

When I work with clients, my desire is to get every client more connected with their bodies and minds, to get them more in touch with the messages from their bodies, to become aware of the thoughts they are thinking, to give themselves permission to first feel, then express, and honour their emotions, and to learn begin to see the correlation between all of these aspects of self. As a self-awareness educator and a MindScape instructor, one of my best skills is digging up the limiting beliefs that are stunting our growth and squashing the possibilities from our perspectives. I like to ask questions and gently stretch perspectives to open up minds (my own included) to new possibilities.

The moral of the story is to commit to your own healing—in whatever form, modality, support system that may be. Find something that feels aligned for you, and then commit to doing it on a consistent basis. And beyond that, engage in your healing. Engage in self-care, self-reflection, and inner work with an open mind and a sense of curiosity. In doing so, you’ll experience healing, shifts, and a transformation that is beyond what you can even begin to fathom.

This is such a potent reminder of the power of the mind and the healing potential of the body when we open up our minds and get connected with self-awareness. The possibilities are endless if we open up to them.

This mirror of transformation is also a timely mirror for self-reflection. Take a moment to ponder the following questions:

How could you better support your healing?

How could you be more consistent with your self-care?

Which healing modalities do you enjoy?

Are there any healing modalities or activities that you've wanted to try but haven't yet?

Which self-care activities fill you up? Which help you unwind? Which could you take a break from?

How can you better prioritize your mind-body health?

Jot your answers down in a journal if that helps, then choose one thing to implement this week. Choose another to try and book a time to make it happen. Support your healing because you're worth it!

Cheers to your unwinding, your healing, and your soulful alignment.

With love,


About the Author:​

Kristin Pierce loves chai lattes, inspirational quotes, writing in coffee shops, and questioning beliefs. She is an award-winning author and a self-awareness educator whose mission is to empower others to deconstruct the limiting beliefs that are keeping them small and stuck in order to rise to their potential, come alive, and impact the world. Kristin is the Founder of Inner Compass Academy and Inner Compass Books. She is a MindScape Instructor, Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, Registered Massage Therapist, & Children's Book Author. Stay tuned for her upcoming memoir, My Cosmic Hammer.

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