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What Would You Do If Nothing Stood In Your Way?

What are your goals, your dreams, your deepest desires?

What do you want to change in your life? What would you do if nothing stood in your way? Well guess what? NOTHING is standing in your way. Not a darn thing! If you think there is something in your way between you and getting, doing or being what you want, then the limitation is only there because you put it there. Money, circumstances, timing, etc. are all excuses so we can stay in our comfort zone and continue to keep our fear at bay. Because, you know what? That fear business is scary stuff. Who in their right mind would want to leave their comfort zone? Well, for starters, I want to. When we stay in our comfort zone we feel safe, protected and, obviously, comfortable. But when we remain in our comfort zone, we are never challenged to grow, or to do more, be more and have more fulfillment in our lives. So I'm asking you to take a step out of your comfort zone to think about what you really want for yourself, your business, your career, your life, your family, and everything in between. What are your aspirations? What fires you right up? What have you wanted to do since you were a child, but were always too scared to try? Or maybe you were even too scared to tell anyone that you wanted to do that. What is it? What lights that fire in your soul? I invite you to write it down, hang that paper up on the fridge, tell someone, or shout it from the rooftops! Does that sound kind of scary? Maybe a little uncomfortable? GOOD! That's how you know you're challenging your belief systems! And by challenging those belief systems, you can set the wheel of change in motion. Who told you that you couldn't be anything you wanted to be? Who told you that you can't achieve anything you set your mind to? Who told you it's better to have a job that pays well than to do something you're passionate about? Who told you that work has to be hard? Which of your beliefs do you actually believe? It's time to stop limiting your dreams, and get out of your own way! In a MindScape Workshop, you will learn how to lead yourself into a relaxed state of mind where you build a mental “Workshop”, which then allows you to employ a variety of useful techniques. When we are in the alpha brain wave state (which is what we use in MindScape), we have a direct link to our subconscious mind. By using MindScape, you will awaken your awareness and gain insight into your limiting belief systems and fears that are holding you back. When you continue to work with the things that surface from your subconscious mind, you are able to become aware of them, so they no longer unconsciously rule your thoughts and decisions. By ridding belief systems from your subconscious mind, you begin to rewire the neuropathways in your brain so you can make new decisions that you were once too afraid to make, or that you once told yourself you weren’t good enough to have, do or be. Your life will begin to transform before your eyes as opportunities open up and you feel brave enough to take the fork in the road. Your external world is a reflection of your mind. When you can bring bits from the subconscious to the surface, you are changing your mind, which will change your reality.


About the Author:

Kristin Pierce loves chai lattes, inspirational quotes, writing in coffee shops, and questioning beliefs. Kristin is a self-awareness educator whose mission is to empower others to deconstruct the limiting beliefs that are keeping them small and stuck in order to rise to their potential, come alive, and impact the world. She is the Founder of Inner Compass Academy and Inner Compass Books. Kristin a MindScape Instructor, Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, Registered Massage Therapist, & Children's Book Author.

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