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Ignited Intuition

Ignited Intuition is a MindScape support program that will enable you to 

pave your progress by helping you stay on the MindScape bandwagon to learn to utilize the full potential of your workshop.


For three weeks, this online program will help you to commit to yourself, your growth, and create incredible awareness as you dig deep, practice your MindScape skills, uncover limiting beliefs, and solidify your new learning. You will walk away with more ideas, impactful insight, and courageous confidence in your MindScape skills. 

It's time to ignite your intuition to find out what you are really capable of.


Are you ready to blow your expectations out of the water?! 


Over the course of teaching MindScape, as well as taking the course 4 times before becoming an instructor, I have realized that it is very easy for students (myself included) to fall off the MindScape bandwagon before making it to 21 days of using your workshop.


As a student, I had questions, uncertainty, and difficulty trusting my intuition once I left the supportive classroom experience.


After taking MindScape numerous times, I realized that I was definitely not the only one who had experienced these challenges.  Therefore, I saw the need to create a program that continues to support students, expand their minds, and explore the many different ways their workshops can be used.


This program will support your MindScape investment, and get you unlocking the huge potential in yourself through opening your mind to the vast applications to utilize your workshop to the fullest!


With Ignited Intuition, you will:


+ Learn to access your workshop faster and with more ease.

+ Expand your mind to the magnitude of uses within your workshop and with your tools.

+ Expand the possibilities for how to use your workshop for personal benefits

+ Build trust in your MindScape abilities and in the information you pick up.

+ Strengthen your subtle senses.

+ Be encouraged to make MindScape part of your daily routine.

+ Be encouraged to step outside of your comfort zone.

+ Uncover and examine your 'limitations' and beliefs, while gaining insight and clarity from within.

+ Continue to rewire your limiting belief systems.

+ Expand your awareness with reflection worksheets.

+ Put your MindScape investment to use.


"Ignited intuition is a great follow up to Mindscape. I know once I finished the weekend of MindScape, and having learned so much during the weekend I was left feeling 'so now what?' I knew that I had the tools, but just didn't quite know what to do on my own. This program solves exactly that. It showed me a large variety of ways to achieve my goals and grow with MindScape. If you're going to take MindScape, it is beneficial to make the extra investment in ignited intuition to propel your growth and intuition."


-Kara Davis,

Environmental Consultant & BodyTalk Practitioner

"While the Mindscape course is amazing, it can be difficult to get in the habit of actually using it. Ignited Intuition allows you to make full use of your Mindscape investment and develop the habit of actually applying your knowledge. It takes time to feel at ease with the tools, not to mention trust what comes up. Having Kristin support and guide you through the daily exercises, which are extremely short and simple, takes Mindscape from being something you learned to something you use daily. As anyone who has taken Mindscape knows, it is an extremely powerful tool to have at your disposal. Feeling at ease and comfortable using it makes all the difference."


-Heather Lindholm,

PEng and Wellness Educator

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Why 3 weeks?


Well, It takes 3 weeks of practicing a new skill to form a new neuropathway in the brain to commit it to memory, and thus, form a habit.  The benefits of fully laying down a neuropathway are exactly like practicing driving a car.  Once you have formed the neuropathway for driving a car, you don't need to think about each step that is involved in driving... you are then subconsciously programmed to drive! You likely don't need to remember to put on your seat belt, turn on the car, put your foot on the brake so you can shift out of park... before you know it, you're halfway out of your driveway. 


Similarly, with MindScape, you will be able to access your workshop much faster and with much more ease.  You won't have to think about each step that is required to get into MindScape, it will become second nature. 


It is recommended for students to start this program following completion of the MindScape weekend workshop.  However, that is not a prerequisite.  The program has been designed with 21 days of mental exercises to support the brain in rewiring its neuropathways, (and, thus, it's belief systems) in order to form a habit for the MindScape student. Whether you have just completed a MindScape course or took it a few months or even a few years ago, you will benefit from this program.

This Program is for you if:

  • You are interested in continuing to learn about yourself, uncover limiting belief systems, and expand your awareness

  • You are eager to continue on the path of self-growth, self-awareness, learning, and so much more.

  • You are interested in supporting yourself to get the most out of your MindScape investment.

  • You need support to keep moving forward with this great work.

  • You are wanting to access your MindScape workshop faster and with more ease.

  • You are amazed with the course and want to continue to expand your mind and discover how much more you are truly capable of.


  • MindScape graduate

  • Committed to the self-growth process

My Personal Experience with Ignited 

In 2017, I participated in 7 Ignited programs & the first Unshackled program. In 52 weeks, I participated in 26 weeks of MindScape program assignments.


I know that, without a shadow of a doubt, I can give an immense amount of credit in my personal and business growth to Ignited and the regular use of MindScape. It encouraged and enabled me to continually investigate, dream, learn, grow, explore, adventure, move through fears, self-examine, and create.  

Personally, the benefits of repeatedly participating in the program have been paramount. To regularly use my workshop, share my experiences with fellow students, while being vulnerable and expanding my comfort zone was life-altering.

To show you the magnitude of possibilities, uses, and benefits of MindScape, I would like to share with you some of what shifted, expanded, and been birthed within that year.

To do so, I must first paint a picture of where I was in October 2016...

> I was on maternity leave with my 8 month old son and my 3.5 year old daughter with the goal of making it through long days solo parenting while my husband worked shift work.


> I was prepping to teach my first MindScape back after having baby which wasn't filling the way I wanted.


> We found out about my husbands three-month temporary layoff starting in February.


I'm sure you can feel the pressure I begin to put on myself to get geared up to take over the income reigns... 

Fast forward to November 2017:

Looking back, I:

+ Launched two online MindScape support programs.

+ Supported over 120 students in online programs.

+ Wrote a children's book manuscript that sat there collecting dust, and was challenged by a student to publish it so that she could buy one, so got out of my own way to make it happen.
{ Your Inner Compass That Could }

+ Successfully supported our family for 3 months directly coming off of maternity leave while also paying to self-publish a children's book --I'm not sure how that was possible, but it happened!

+ Achieved my goal of travelling across Canada to teach MindScape (within a year).

+ Had coordinators begin to invite me to come to teach MindScape instead of having to hunt down people to coordinate for me.

+ Bought a hot tub and helped my hubby create our dream patio in our backyard.

+ Attended my first ever BodyTalk conference in Clearwater, Florida.

+ Took time off in the summer! 

+ Wrote my second children's book.

+ Created new session offerings that I had never considered before.

+ Began writing poetry that I share on my blog & email newsletters as an invitation to self-reflect.

+ Brought Andy Spencer to teach Advanced MindScape and coordinated a group of 22 students.

+ Coordinated and taught my own class of 20 students for MindScape in Warman.

+ Grew and expanded my business and myself far beyond anything I could have ever imagined within a year coming off of maternity leave.

+ Had my husband take MindScape which has already totally deepened our conversations, dreams and direction, while expanding so many possibilities.


What possibilities could open up for you?

What will you create?

But you don't have to take my word for it, come test drive Ignited Intuition for yourself, or see what Ignited Graduates have to say below.

What's Included:

  • 3 weeks of mental exercises via recorded webinar - Monday-Friday with Wild Card Weekends

  • Reflection Worksheets

  • Pre and Post-Program Questionnaires for goal setting and reflection.

Ignited Intuition Success Stories:


"Kristin's Ignited Intuition is the 21 day key to making Mindscape part of my daily routine. The sessions are fun and I appreciate the flexibility of accessing them when it works for me. The new ideas and tools I gained from the sessions are allowing me to take a fresh look at situations that arise in my life. I have been thinking about taking Mindscape for a couple years and the stars finally aligned for me to take it the beginning of June and now after adding the Ignited Intuition, I find myself with an entirely new feeling of how it feels to align your body and your mind. I appreciate your help Kristin during the sessions when I was feeling stuck. These classes have been life changing. Breaking down belief systems and challenging myself to trust my intuition are two of the best gifts I have received since I began this journey. These classes have been an awesome investment in myself and I would highly recommend them. Kristin your passion is second only to your warmth and kindness.  Thank you!"


- Audrey Reed,


"Kristin's Ignited Intuition is fun, fascinating and flexible. I thoroughly enjoyed this well organized program to engage my MS workshop and skills more deeply. Each day it was really fun to receive and upwrap a new present --- her daily video with another MS exercise to guide me into new places in my body/mind/spirit. Additionally, my private distance session with her was spookily accurate. I'll be back for more! "

- Christina Merkley

SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc.

"I would highly recommend the Ignited Intuition Course because it introduced me to a multitude of new tools, as well as expanded my awareness of how to use my existing tools. Engaging in this course also boosted my confidence in my ability to connect with my intuition and encouraged me to support myself in ways I hadn't previously considered. Thanks so much, Kristin, for your amazing guidance and insight! It was an invaluable experience and I'm excited to continue to use Mindscape regularly to assist in all aspects of my life!"


-Carol Peterson,

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

"Ignited Intuition is the perfect companion to Mindscape. I took the 21 day challenge just 2 weeks after completing Mindscape. The ideas were still fresh, so I was able to apply them to 'Ignited' easily. Moreover, the consistency in Kristin's approach really helped me to absorb and accept the changes. I took Mindscape and Ignited with Kristin, and believe I benefitted from this as a beginner. I understood her style, expressions and tone - and took comfort in them as I really stretched my boundaries!"

- Andrea Wood,

Marketing Consultant ​

"Ignited Intuition is exactly what I needed to take my Mindscape abilities to the next level. By doing it every day for three weeks, it formed the habit that I needed and enabled me to trust my intuition way more than I ever have before! I am now able to get into alpha state very easily and find that I'm sometimes in it without even trying. It was incredible to see the level of insight you have just by looking within. I feel much more confident in myself and trust that my future holds everything I need because I have an incredibly powerful tool to guide me along the way."

- Kiel Peterson,

PEng, Chemical Engineer

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