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Unshackled & Unleashed

We all know Einstein’s definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.


If we want to experience change or a different outcome, we have to actually do something different


But what happens when we have a rigid set of rules about whom we think we have to be? 

Or that set of rules about what we are capable of, good at, or downright terrible at? 

What about the rulebook about how we need to act in order to be successful, loved, accepted, or safe? 


Or what about the down-right nasty things we’ve learned to believe about ourselves? 

Oh and don't forget the rules about what we are not allowed to be. Sometimes our "should nots" stifle us just as much as our "shoulds" do. 

These rules can sound like:

“Responsible adults must…” (fill in the blank).

“Being successful means I must work 60 hours a week.”

“Good moms must put their kids first.”

“I’m not good with money.” (managing time, writing, relationships, emotions, confrontation, stress, etc).

“Being successful means I must work 60 hours a week.”

"Smart people must be logical at all times." AKA "Smart people cannot be stupid."

Yada yada yada! And the list goes on…


These rules we have for ourselves are called limiting beliefs and they can be incredibly constricting and rigid walls to live within.


If you have a belief that you must be logical with your every move, then exploring your creativity may be totally reckless, or taking a vacation may be something you won't even let yourself enjoy. Imagine how devastating making a mistake would be for the person who has to be smart all the time.


Or if you've learned you aren't good with money, communication, or relationships, guess what you'll keep proving to yourself over and over again until you investigate that limiting script in your mind?


The good news is these limiting beliefs are not permanent, absolute truths.


Beliefs are learned information and opinions that we've chosen to believe are truths. And it's quite relieving to realize that. Our beliefs are malleable, can be changed, questioned, and reprogrammed, which actually rewires the circuitry of our brains!


If you're anything like me, you must be wondering why so many people stay so stifled by their perceived limits? 


Most of the time we are living on autopilot without even realizing where we are keeping ourselves fenced in and blocked.


If we aren't paying attention, we can't notice. 


So, the first step to creating change is becoming aware of our limiting mental programming.


MindScape is a powerful tool to bring our limits to the surface.  Then we can question and unravel those rules to allow our authentic selves to shine through. ☀️ 


If you haven't taken MindScape yet, then that's a great first step. If you have taken MindScape and you're ready to dive deeper, join me for Unshackled Summer School where you'll get 8 weeks of access to the 4-week program of guided MindScape exercises that dive in to examine the roadblocks, resistance, and self-sabotage that are keeping you stuck and in your own way. 

With 3x/week guided MindScape assignments for 4 weeks, you'll be taken on a powerful journey to uncover insights that will stretch your mind, open your heart, and fuel that inner fire with alignment, while also being able to flexibly fit the program into your schedule whenever it works for you.


This program will challenge you to stretch yourself, uncover limiting beliefs, dig deep into your subconscious, and ultimately unleash your true potential that has been so perfectly stifled until now.

It's time to unshackle yourself from your limitations to create the magic that you know you are capable of in your life.


Join me for Unshackled Summer School!



"Kristin - your Unshackled & Unleashed program has (quite literally) changed the trajectory of my career and personal life. One of my greatest awarenesses was in recognizing how I "thought" I had been living a carefree and wide-open life, only to realize I've just kept myself very safe in a box designed to look that way. ;) Whoa - eye-opening! Thanks again for all of your guidance, wisdom and genuine excitement at our shifts and awarenesses.

You are truly doing the work you are meant to do!"

-Adrienne Perrot

Photographer, Lawyer, BodyTalk Practitioner


"Unshackled & Unleashed was an amazing and in-depth program that changed my life! I find Kristin’s exercises to be just the guidance needed after taking Mindscape to dig deep and pinpoint where I’m blocking myself from my full potential. One exercise stood out to me specifically - Wild Horse - it showed me that the only person holding me back is ME - I am capable of so much more than I even believe... Before Unshackled & Unleashed I thought I had huge pipe dreams - well they’ve grown by leaps and bounds through this program and I’m not surprised!! YOU are worth investing in - I highly recommend you check this out!!"

-Becky Wiens,

Photographer & Entrepreneur


Does this sound like you?

> You are tired of being stuck in the same self-repeating ruts.

> You are done keeping yourself small and scared because you know full well there is more magic ready for you. 

> You are ready to investigate the BS limits that you've been believing for far too long. 

> You need support to stay or get back on track with MindScape, but you also need flexibility for the summer. Or maybe you just love a good support program to dig into the subconscious mind!

> You know the power of MindScape are amazed with the MindScape and want to continue to expand your mind and discover how much more you are truly capable of.

Then You're Ready for Unshackled where you will...

+ Experience the magnitude of uses of your MindScape workshop in regards to examining the depths of your subconscious mind.

+ Consistently dig deep to excavate and unravel subconscious patterns that are keeping you stifled, scared, and stuck. 

+ Uncover, discover, and REWIRE your limiting belief systems that are getting in your way so you can expand your awareness and be free to be the most authentic expression of you.

+ Expand your awareness with reflection worksheets.

+ Have your questions answered.

+ Receive three 1-hour live group support calls via Zoom.


What's Included:

  • 4 weeks of mental exercises 3x/week via webinar - released weekly

  • 8 weeks of access to the program

  • Reflection Worksheets

  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions (and have them answered), share your experiences, give and receive feedback and support.

  • Three 1-hour live MindScape support calls via zoom (that will be recorded if you can't attend live).


  • MindScape graduate 

  • Inspired to create a mind-blowing impactful change in self by being committed to the program!

The Nitty Gritty:

When: Begins July 4, 2022

How Long: You'll have access to the 4-week program for the whole summer! Summer requires flexibility. Fit in the program in whatever way works best for you in the 8 weeks of access.

Where: Online - which in your jammies, on the couch, around the campfire, with a nice cup of tea, a cold beer, or a glass of win--whenever you would like to fit it into your day.  Available from the comfort of your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Why: To clear limiting blocks, gain awareness, and support your dreams!

For: MindScape Graduates

Investment: Regular $444 CDN
Earlybird Deadline: Register by JUNE 28th to SAVE $77! 
Use Promo Code: UNSHACKLED2022

Unshackled & Unleashed Graduates Re-take Offer:$333
(Use Promo Code: RETAKEUU)

NEW: This program will also include THREE 1-hour live MindScape support calls via Zoom over the course of the program! (July 8, Aug 5, Aug 26).

This program is only offered once a year, so let's dive in together! 

You're ready to get moving and shaking, so join me for a summer of unraveling limits, expanding awareness, and gently stretching your mind, heart, and soul.

See you on the inside!


"The Unshackled and Unleashed program is for anyone who would like to expand the use of their Mindscape Workshop. You can tell that Kristin carefully thought out each exercise and each one targets a different aspect of yourself, a different limiting belief to uncover. I gained so much insight into my own limiting beliefs and experienced many shifts in my external environment during the program. The confidence that I have gained is immeasurable and I feel like I'm ready to conquer the world! "

-Kyla Bouvier,

Wildlife Biologist, BodyTalk Practitioner


"Unshackled & Unleashed was a mind-blowing experience right from the first session.  Many of my fears, excuses, and subconscious beliefs surfaced as I worked through the program and it was amazing to acknowledge these and realize how I was getting in my own way as I was going about my life. Working through 'who I am not' allowed me to see who I am.  It definitely required me to stretch and dig deep--which wasn't always comfortable, but was so worth the emotional release and the freedom that it brings. My awareness is now allowing me to catch myself before slipping into what I now call "old" habits, reactions, and patterns. My outlook is changing and this affects everyone and everything I experience. Thank you, Kristin, for being who you are! Thank you for your guidance, support, and vision on my journey. Your love of life is contagious!"

-Audrey Reed



Unshackled & Unleashed is a 4-week online program for MindScape graduates that is offered every summer.


This year, you'll get 8 weeks of access AND 3 live support calls to fuel your fire and support your growth. 

If you're ready to dive in, register below:


Cancellation Policy & Fine Print

1) $150 CDN Deposit is required to hold your space for MindScape, $100 CDN for monitors; $50 CDN Deposit for BodyTalk Access; $50 CDN deposit for 1-day Masterclasses, $100 CDN for 2-day Masterclasses.
2) To be eligible for the earlybird rate, payment must be completed in full 3 weeks prior to the seminar date.  To be eligible for the Abundance & Ignited discounts, students must register for them at the same time as completing registration for MindScape.
3) Instructor reserves the right to cancel seminars due to low attendance. Please contact the local coordinator to confirm the seminar before booking travel accommodations. The Instructor is not responsible for any unforeseeable travel expenses due to course cancellation.
In the unlikely event that the Instructor has to cancel the course due to low attendance, full refunds will be given.
​4) Cancellation period before course date:
         4 weeks+: Full refund less a $25 admin fee
        2-4 weeks: Refund LESS the deposit. See above.
        0-2 weeks: No refunds, but you may reschedule to attend another seminar.
​5) No refunds for Ignited Intuition, Unshackled & Unleashed or other Online Programs.
​5) Please contact your local coordinator for the exact seminar location and lodging suggestions.
​6) All personal information will remain private and confidential for Instructor and IBA use only.

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