Beautiful Landscape

We live in an Wildly Abundant Universe. 

Did you know that?


That's pretty freaking fantastic, wouldn't you say?

But why then do we not experience limitless abundance?


(Because we CAN experience limitless abundance--whatever that means to you--if you're open and willing to receive it AND believe you are worthy and deserving of it.)

Hint: you cannot blame it on your job, your partner (or lack thereof), your career counsellor, your parents, your kids, or anything in between.

(NOPE, you just can’t.) 

The ONLY thing that is in your way is your learned and limiting beliefs.

Our limiting beliefs create a ceiling that we consistently ram our heads into until we learn to stop jumping so high. Not only that, they instil loads of fear that so nicely corrals us to stay in our comfort zones. But I'm here to tell you (and myself) that it's all crap.


Those rules you hear in your head about money, time, work, freedom, etc. are all BS!


YES--bull shit belief systems.

BUT, here's the catch: those BS beliefs are what create your experience.

Beliefs like "time is money", "work hard to play hard," "earn your keep," "rich people are snobs," "I don't deserve it" and everything in between are limiting your experience of abundance.

You unconsciously base all of your decisions on your subconscious beliefs--we all do, and we don't even realize it.  This means that your beliefs are in the driver's seat of creating your experience of reality. 


This is why getting to the root (your beliefs) can be so incredibly powerful, because you weren't aware of them before. Once you become aware, you have the ability to choose something different. 


MindScape is a way to change these limiting beliefs and the Abundance Masterclass utilizes techniques to dig up the false beliefs that are getting in your way & hindering your success. 


Regardless if your definition of abundance means time, freedom, money, success, clients, love, health or wealth, this one-day masterclass will help you uncover and dismantle your limiting beliefs that are blocking your experience to OPEN you up to a wildly abundant life. 

In this masterclass for MindScape graduates, you will dive deep, dig up the beliefs that have been railroading your experience of abundance, and walk away with a new perspective, expanded awareness, and tools to continue to implement!

If you're ready to create change in your experience by diving in to unravel the stories that have been attached to abundance, then you're ready to join me for the Wild Abundance Masterclass for MindScape graduates. 

Are you ready to transform your experience of abundance?



In this one-day masterclass, we will explore many facets of abundance, while investigating the roots in self-worth in order to create empowered change worth talking about. 

We will dig deep, investigate our experiences, and stretch what we believe is possible. 

Upcoming Online Courses: 

June 4th, 2021 from 9am-5pm CST

Investment $299: 

  • Save $77 on your tuition before May 20th with promo code: IAMABUNDANT

Student Testimonials:


"Thank you! This class was AWESOME. I really enjoyed expanding/honing in on beliefs surrounding abundance to be able to shift and heal.  You provided many awesome insights on interpreting and using the new tools, guiding us into the creation of new spaces and places of awareness. It was a really great way to spend a day of self-discovery and learning!" 

 - Tamara Thompson


"The Wild Abundance Masterclass was really great! I had some surprising things surface for beliefs and fears and I am happy to be able to shift through those limiting programs.  There are a lot of great opportunities to work on different themes to shift through lack mentality into an abundant mentality."


- Kara Davis

Environmental Consultant + BodyTalk Practitioner

"I loved every minute of this course and can't wait to take another one with Kristin!"


-Kaitlyn R

Deputy Sheriff

I'm ready for MORE Abundance


  • MindScape Graduate. 

  • Must be able to access your MindScape workshop.

  • Space is limited, Please register in advance to ensure your spot.