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Healing is an Inside Job

Your body is always talking to you. 

Did you know that?

It reflects your beliefs, your stress, and the emotions that you are holding inside. 

No, it is not trying to hurt you, betray you, or frustrate you. It is actually trying to help.

Healing is a progressive process--an unraveling.

As you learn to listen to the messages from your body, your awareness in all aspects of life will grow along side YOU. 

My ultimate goal in working with you is to awaken your awareness to your Inner Compass and to the body-mind connection.  In doing so, I hope to evoke a thirst for inner knowing, for self-awareness, and to encourage you to listen to the whispers from your body. 


I will guide you towards understanding the whispers from your body, your life, or your business before they turn into debilitating symptoms; to encourage the need for emotional expression and healthy emotional processing; and to expand awareness of the workings of beliefs systems and the subconscious mind. 

There are always times when we need help in deciphering our body's messages, in breaking through mental blocks, and in releasing emotional holdings. Through my therapeutic offerings, I assist your bodymind to evoke new awareness and understanding, while working through releasing the stuff stored within the body to peel back the layers and get you closer to your inner truth.  


In working together, we will awaken your awareness to deal with situations and stress as they arise, so you can learn how to best support yourself and understand what your bodymind needs. This way, you can continue growing, be better able to support the growth of your family, business, and beyond, to continue building your dreams!



"When I first met with Kristin for my first Body Talk session I really wasn’t sure what I was in for. All I knew was that I needed to do something, the best way I can describe myself at that time was “I just didn’t feel like myself anymore.” From the inside out nothing seemed to feel right, when I looked in the mirror I didn’t recognize the person looking back at me. Many of the symptoms that I had pointed to a possible thyroid issue, however, my doctor was able to determine that wasn’t the problem and told me that I was suffering from depression and that I should seek counseling. I wasn’t sure about formal counseling and this is where Kristin came into my life. I had heard about Kristin and BodyTalk from a co-worker and although I didn’t completely understand the concept, I thought I would give it a try. To say that my life has changed would be an understatement. Words can’t describe how much BodyTalk and Kristin have completely turned my world around for the better. I never realized how much your body being “out of sync” affected everything else in your world. I finally feel like myself again. I am a happier, more positive person and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Not only have I seen the changes in myself, but these changes have also been reflected in my relationships with others. Although, I still need to work on the outside, I know that the changes that have been made on the inside are going to make that much easier. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Kristin."

-Karrie, Saskatoon, SK


Are you ready to:

> Learn to interpret what your body is trying to communicate to you 

> Experience revitalizing relaxation + deep destressing

> Increase your energy + enthusiasm levels

> Experience transformation in body + mind

> Become empowered + inspired to take control of your health 

> Decrease your pain + symptoms on all levels
> Understand the correlation between your stress + your symptoms

> Reignite your passion for life

> Increase your mental clarity + concentration 

> Expand your self-awareness of your body, mind, and passions

Here's how I'm currently working with inspired individuals:

BodyTalk Sessions

BodyTalk is a holistic modality that works to translate the messages from the body into awareness and transformation. It works to uncover the root of your symptoms to release stress, restore communication, and get you feeling amazing.


 Sessions are available in person or via distance sessions. 

While I work with a diverse range of clients, I specialize in working with children, parents, entrepreneurs, and athletes.


BodyTalk Health History Form

BodyTalk Consent Form



Your body's lymph system acts as is garbage disposal.  It rids the body of toxins, cell wastes, emotions, belief systems, thoughts -- anything the body is done with.

If you have been feeling overly irritable and overwhelmed, having trouble letting emotions and problems go, feeling stuck in life, or feeling bloated with digesting life, your lymphatic system could be in need of a good physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual cleanse.

It is recommended to have lymph sessions 4 times per year, particularly with the change of the seasons or any big changes in your life. 

Your body is always reflecting your mental and emotional state.


Often we are too busy to notice or we just haven’t had this awareness pointed out to us before. 


I am also well aware that this may sound “out there”. 😆 I was as left-brained and skeptical as they come before I got into BodyTalk. But it’s all so fascinating, so hear me out!


Your body talks to you through feelings, sensations, nudges, whispers, knowing, and your subtle senses.


Often, our schedules get so full and our minds so busy that if we aren’t intentionally making it a priority to unwind, destress, and take care of not only our bodies but also our minds and souls, then stress inevitably begins to build up. Emotional energy (aka emotions) that is not expressed or released also gets stored in the body.


Over time, with our fast-paced lives and our busy minds, we can’t hear the whispers from the body over all the noise.


When this happens, stress can build up until eventually, we are overloaded, overwhelmed, constantly overreacting, and functioning in survival mode 24/7. 😬


Does that sound familiar?


This is a major health problem because when you are in fight or flight mode due to stress overload, your body can’t heal, your digestion slows to a crawl, and your immune system takes a major hit too. Oh, and sleep? For most people, that’s the first thing to be affected.




Because rest and digest cannot happen when your nervous system is in survival mode.


That’s not how your nervous system was designed to work. When your survival brain thinks you are in danger (because it can’t differentiate between financial stress and the imminent danger of being attacked by a wild animal), it cannot let its guard down because that would mean death (to the un-evolved survival brain). It sounds dramatic, but that’s how the nervous system functions.


So, your body tries to help you. (Thanks body!🙏🏼)


It sends you subtle messages to say, “Yoo-hoo!  🗣 It’s time to take a break before you actually break.” 


It tries to clue you in on what stress you’re holding onto so that you can process and deal with it. 


When we ignore the whispers, avoid our pain, and continue to push ourselves in unhealthy ways, the whispers get louder to get our attention.


👉🏼 Ignored whispers turn into symptoms.

👉🏼 Ignored symptoms turn into injuries.

👉🏼 Leave it long enough, it turns into a much bigger wake-up call that shows up seemingly out of the blue. (This was my experience with ovarian cancer). 


Most of the time, this is when we think something is wrong with us, but the body is just trying to share information with us.


There is always a message underneath every symptom. 


🧩 Another piece of the puzzle is that all body parts have a job—physically and metaphorically. So, certain body parts, organs, endocrines, muscles, etc. tend to store emotions and stress related to their job/consciousness. 



💪🏼 For example, the shoulders hold our responsibilities. When we are feeling stressed out by our responsibilities, they begin to feel like heavy burdens. This is typically when the shoulder will start having symptoms. 


🦵 If the knee is having problems, it is typically reflecting fear and stubbornness, especially around moving forward in life. 


The neck is about perspective. If the neck is tight or sore, it is often reflecting our rigid perspective on something, and our unwillingness to see other sides.

The lower back represents support, whether for you that means finances, family, relationships, job security, work, or anything else related to feeling supported. If you're having stress in any of those areas that you're having trouble processing, it’ll likely show up in your lower back.


I’m sure you’ve experienced this before in one capacity or another.


So, what do we do with this information?

Why does it matter and how does that help us?


💓It helps develop and deepen our understanding of self, and allows us to acknowledge our pain and stress, feel it, and release it. 


The body was built to heal. 🥰


However, our mental and emotional stress is what gets in the way.


So when we can bring to awareness, process, and release the mental and emotional stress that we’ve buried inside our bodies, then we can experience incredible improvements in our physical health because we let our body get back to healing!


In a BodyTalk session, we release the stress that is stored in the body and we reestablish healthy communication between body parts and all aspects of self. 


BodyTalk is a gentle, non-invasive technique that can support your mental, physical, emotional health.


As a practitioner, I act as a translator to interpret the messages from your body and then relay them to you.


Together, we work as a team to release emotional holdings, get you reconnected with your body, develop a deeper understanding of self/body/mind, and get you back on track to healing. 💓

Old injuries, new injuries, surgeries, chronic conditions, pain, ‘degenerative’ conditions, emotional stress, trauma, chemotherapy, anxiety--you name it. BodyTalk can help.

Click the button below to get started.

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