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There have been some big themes showing up in client sessions lately, and it seemed like a wonderful opportunity to share the insights that have come forth. Stress levels have been through the roof and clients have been coming in for sessions with a laundry list of physical symptoms, emotional pile-ups, and wound-up mental states.

Prolonged stress has our nervous systems running in SURVIVAL mode more often than not. When this happens, our immune system, lymphatic system, and digestive system functions and efficiency are significantly decreased.

Clients that have been coming for BodyTalk sessions have been wanting help with:
- anxiety
- marital problems
- grief
- trauma
- high-stress environments
- workplace stress
- family stress 
- separation anxiety & overeating 
- physical pain 
- overthinking
- stuck thinking
- chronic health issues
- new symptoms
- recovery from chemotherapy
- digestive issues
- parenting issues

Stress has been at an all-time high for most people for too long now (*covid*), but BodyTalk can help.

When we can calm the nervous system, release the emotions we've been harbouring inside our bodies, and slow down our minds, our experience of life can shift from survival to calm; from fight or flight to rest and digest; from panic, fear, overreactions, and impatience to feeling grounded, sturdy, and centred; from annoyed and angry to peaceful and joyful.

It's not news that living on planet earth has been difficult for the past couple of years. It's been a lot. I've been feeling it myself, and have definitely noticed the trend of elevated stress levels in my clients.

I've heard clients say things like:

"I'm not sleeping."
"I don't feel hopeful."
"My body is falling apart."
"I have a short fuse."
"It feels like I have an elephant sitting on my chest."
"I just don't feel like myself anymore."
"I am uninspired and have a lack of motivation. I don't know what I care about anymore."

Other clients have shown up for BodyTalk because of new symptoms, to manage fears, or to support their mental health.

After the session, whether in-person or distance, clients report: feeling lighter, breathing easier, having a brighter outlook, and feeling more grounded. Their bodies feel more mobile, their pain decreases, and their symptoms improve. More often than not, these shifts are accompanied by experiencing a shift in understanding and perspective, too. 

If you're desiring some support, relaxation, and mental, emotional, and physical relief, I am here for you. Book in for an in-person or distance BodyTalk session, lymphatic drainage, or registered massage/BodyTalk combo and let's get your body, mind, and spirit de-stressed and back on track to healing. 

If you're not sure which to book, just book a time and we can ask your bodymind what it requires for your session. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. 


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