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BodyTalk for Parents

How can you be the best parent you can possibly be?


Well, by getting in touch with yourself, your emotions, and understanding what is really going on beneath the surface, you will get a very different perspective on what your body is trying to tell you.

When you're feeling panicked and rushed, that's always when your child ends up having a tantrum or won't cooperate with you, right?


I know you've experienced something like this...because, honestly, who hasn't?!

But, why do you think that is??  

Well, kids are very intuitive and they pick up on our stresses and behaviours. They are very sensitive to subtle energies, whether we believe it or not. And I know at some level, you know this is 110% true. Our kids are little mirrors to show us our issues. 

It can be hard to communicate with kids to find out how they are feeling and what is affecting them.  But, it almost always shows up in their behavior when they are having trouble with or being affected by something.  Kids have a lot to process -- They are observing and learning about their world, processing it all, and forming belief systems. Some of these things can have a huge impact on them, especially when we don't communicate with them properly. These things can be very frustrating and leave you feeling helpless, at your wit's end, and out of ideas.

Transitions to a new daycare, a new school, a new town, parents splitting up, etc. can be very confusing, intimidating, and traumatizing for a child.  Just because we, as adults, don't rationally think they should have a problem with something, doesn't mean it isn't difficult for them and affecting them HUGELY in a negative way. Plus, when you're having a bad day and you're totally stressed out, your child picks up on this and it affects their behaviour. Most times they are not aware about what is bothering them or affecting them if this is the case, but it happens ALL the time! And I know, that you know for sure, that when your child is having a rough time, it affects your day too. Our family members are all interconnected - we affect each other. Your patience wears thin because your child is crying and acting out, and eventually you're essentially having a tantrum too!  How ridiculous does that sound?! But it's the truth. This is why I also work with families. Every family member needs support, because we are all affecting each other. 

It can be hard, but there is a light, and it doesn't have to be at the end of the tunnel... 

Bodytalk is a way for, not only your child's bodymind to communicate feelings, concerns, and related issues, but it's also a way for your bodymind to do the same.  Kids are very receptive to energy healing cause they are still forming their belief systems and don't have piles of them to work through, like adults do. Think if only you were able to fully deal with some of the things that happened to you as a child, when you were a child. Then, you wouldn't have had to carry those memories with your for the rest of your life. (Well, until now). Imagine being able to release the emotional baggage you've been accumulating over the course of your lifetime?!? Well, guess what?! You can!.  


It is amazing what can change when we are in tune with our kids and aware of ourselves and our emotions. It can bring back the sense of calm to your family and your household.

It's time to take the parenting bull by the horns by putting yourself at the top of the list. 



Benefits for Parents

  • Gaining insight & understanding into what your child is feeling & going through

  • Connecting with your child on a deep, meaningful level

  • Stepping out of being "stuck" as a parent 

  • Expanding self-awareness & awareness of your child

  • Learning how to be more in tune to your child

  • Dumping your emotional baggage so you aren't dumping it on your child

  • Understanding the correlation between your stress & your symptoms

  • Releasing overwhelm & feelings of being bogged down to ignite feeling enthusiastic about life, allowing you to be fully present

  • Learning how to positively manage the stresses of everyday life & how it pertains to your child & your family

  • Sparking your inner flame to let your soul & your eyes shine once again because you feel like "You've got this!"

Who I Work With

I works with parents who are committed to bettering their awareness of and relationship with themselves, their child(ren), and their partner (if applicable). These people know there is more going on behind their child's behavior and symptoms and want to understand why it is happening and how they can help. These parents understand that it is not just their child that sometimes needs help.


Parenting is a constant learning curve. As our children grow, develop, and change, we need to do so as well to adapt to parent at our best ability. We need to learn, grow, and increase our awareness. These are the people I love to work with -- The parents who know how important it is to establish a strong relationship with their child based on understanding, awareness, and support!  


We all need help at times on this incredible journey we call parenting and life -- For ourselves, first, and for our families, second.

I'm ready to do this for me. Let's book it!

Family Fun in Field

Parent Testimonials

"I first met Kristin a few month after the birth of my second child. A close friend of mine had HIGHLY recommended BodyTalk, and Kristin as her favourite practitioner. After my first session it was easy to see why. My initial purpose to try BodyTalk was a rather simple one. After having my second baby I was exhausted, anxious, and I couldn't seem to access my usual stores of energy. This is very typical for ANY parent, but I decided that I wanted to do something about it. This is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. 

At my first session Kristin greeted me at [Inner Compass Academy] with a welcoming warmth. Not knowing exactly what to expect, I was very pleased to be in her company. During my first session with Kristin she accessed many things that my body was holding on to, things from my past that I had buried deep within myself. What was the most amazing part of this process was that I didn't tell Kristin anything about me or my body told her. Afterward, she released all of the things that my body had been holding onto. This part is amazing...I left my session with a revitalized feeling! I was more calm and focused than I had been in months. Before I went to Kristin I had been struggling with falling asleep and feeling rested. But the night of my first session I slept like a log...and better yet I woke up rested and happy and amazed. After my first BodyTalk session I regained energy, my mood was up, and any anxiety I had been feeling left me. I consistently began having restful nights. In short, tension and stress went down while my mood and energy went up. I have become a regular client of Kristin's. I see her whenever I feel like my body is getting unbalanced or I'm feeling disconnected with myself. And the outcome is always the same. Magic.

So let me now tell you my thoughts on Kristin specifically as a BodyTalk Practitioner. She is a very confident and supportive woman. I find it so easy to be in her presence. The knowledge of the many different facets that Kristin has studied make her an ideal holistic practitioner. She understands how energy flows, the specifics of the chakras, the precision of acupuncture, she is a registered massage therapist, she is extremely sensitive and insightful. The list could continue, but the point is clear. Kristin combines all of her experiences together and applies it to her clients. She seamlessly uses various books of teachings to truly understand what the body is communicating. Her education and understanding of many different healing methods may sound confusing, but the outcome of all of this is simple...Kristin allows your body to tell its story so that it can heal. I am truly grateful for Kristin and her healing hands." 

-Tatrina Tai

Singer & Mother



Prior to my session with Kristin I had been experiencing heartburn, nausea, shallow breathing and low energy levels as a result of a new pregnancy. Throughout my session, Kristin uncovered some emotions that I had been storing in my diaphragm and was affecting all of these symptoms that I was experiencing. She helped my body surface these emotions and work through them and the next day I was relieved of my heartburn and nausea and had a renewed energy level. I had some homework to help additionally with the shallow breathing and increased energy levels which I have been practicing ever since and has been helping quite a bit. I always look forward to my BodyTalk sessions with Kristin and you can tell that she has a real passion for the great work that she does!

-Kyla Bouvier,

Environmental Scientist & Mother


How I currently work with Parents:

In Person



(Infant - 100+)

In this 60 minute in-person session, you will lie fully clothed on a massage table, while I perform the BodyTalk session, explaining and communicating with you as the session progresses.

  • $140/session

  • Package of 3 Adult Sessions: $375 - (Packages do not expire).

In this 45 minute distance session, you can carry on with your day, while I perform the BodyTalk session remotely. Upon completion of the session, I will send a voice recording explanation of the session details and priorities. 

  • $125/session

  • Package of 3 Adult Distance Sessions: $345  (Packages do not expire).

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