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BodyTalk FAQ

Your body is always talking.

Would you like to find out what it's trying to tell you?

What is BodyTalk? 
BodyTalk is a holistic and very effective form of natural healthcare.  It is non-invasive and can be used as a stand alone system or can be integrated with any other healthcare choices. The BodyTalk System helps the body recover from stress, which is the number one cause of all symptoms and dis-ease.


When we experience the stresses of everyday life, the body’s lines of communication get overloaded which distorts the nervous system’s ability to coordinate the aspects of healing.  BodyTalk renews communication throughout the body, which teaches the body to return itself to balance. When optimal communication can occur, the body is in a more relaxed state, which allows for the healing process to naturally occur on all levels. BodyTalk can resolve health challenges, whether they be physical, mental or emotional. 

How Does It Work?
During a BodyTalk session, the client lies, fully clothed, on a massage table while the practitioner facilitates communication with the body through neuromuscular biofeedback. With the use of sequential questioning through the BodyTalk Protocol chart, the practitioner is able to find out your body's to do list. In other words, after asking innate a series of yes or no questions, the client's innate wisdom leads the practitioner to the imbalances within the body that are not communicating properly and are out of sync with the rest of the body.

The practitioner then holds the areas that are a priority and taps gently on the head and the heart. By tapping on the head, we are telling the brain to become aware of the priority and repair the communication link. Tapping on the  heart, ensures that the new information is stored throughout the entire body. We tap to help the body overcome inertia to cause change.

This process enables the body to operate at optimal levels, thus accelerating the healing process, and, in turn, preventing future imbalances within those highlighted areas. The BodyTalk practitioner is helping the body reestablish its natural balance. BodyTalk is meant to complement and assist your body's natural healing processes.

BodyTalk heals by repairing communication: LISTEN HOW
How does stress truly affect you? LISTEN NOW




Distance BodyTalk Sessions

BodyTalk sessions can be performed not only in person, but also as a distance session. This means it is possible to get a BodyTalk session when you are unable to be present in person, whether that is due to travel, illness, emergencies, or simply inconvenience or scheduling conflicts! Consciousness is connected over distance, thus distance sessions work! Distance sessions are as good if not BETTER than hands on sessions.

A distance session involves receiving a BodyTalk session from a practitioner remotely.


Healing without visible connections has existed since the beginning of time. We are all made up of energy. For those of you who are very familiar with reiki or other forms of energy work, you know this concept very well. Distance sessions work according to Quantum Physics. Quantum physics has provided a scientific understanding of the connection across time and space. It is known that the human body, at the most basic level, operates according to the laws of quantum physics! In Quantum, everything is connected; everything is part of a continuous whole, thus distance is not a factor. Distance sessions work like wireless technology, on a principle similar to the cell phone. It is well accepted that the tv remote and the garage door opener work by wireless methods. For these wireless technologies to occur, there simply has to be a sender and a receiver. In the case of BodyTalk distance sessions, the sender is the BodyTalk practitioner, while the client is the receiver!

It is a proven scientific fact that this method of healing is extremely effective! Harvard University holds seminars in non-local healing, which is what remote healing is known as in scientific circles.

Techniques such as MindScape enable us to access the alpha wave state of the brain, which allows the practitioner to tune into clients and work with their healing priorities at a deep, lasting level, even from a distance. The practitioner does this by using a technique that allows the brain to access the full intuitive abilities of the mind. 

“Energy is the currency of all interactions in nature. To leave energetic considerations out of the equation of life and medicine is to ignore some 99% of what is happening.  Energetic approaches work quickly and with few side-effects.  This is the medicine of the future.”  James Oschman, Ph.D., Biophysicist 

Why BodyTalk is Effective?

BodyTalk's major assets are its simplicity, safety, non-invasiveness, and speed of results. Because the BodyTalk System uses the body's healing abilities to effect change, clients see long-lasting, ongoing improvements in health rather than short-term symptomatic relief. BodyTalk works effectively on humans, plants and animals.

What can BodyTalk help with?
While BodyTalk does not diagnose or treat specific ailments, clinical experience has shown that once a client's overall systems are balanced through BodyTalk, clients have exhibited significant improvement in the areas of:

• arthritis
• sports injuries/sports performance
• digestive disorders
• endocrine disorders
• emotional disorders
• learning disorders
• chronic fatigue
• headaches / migraines
• insomnia

• fears & phobias; PTSD & trauma
• acute & chronic pain
• stress, anxiety, & depression
• viruses & infections
• allergies, intolerances, & asthma
• addiction recovery & cravings
• menstrual problems 
• pregnancy & childbirth
and many more!

Since COVID, clients have been coming for BodyTalk sessions to experience support and help with:

  • anxiety & fear

  • marital problems

  • grief

  • trauma

  • high-stress environments 

  • workplace stress

  • family stress 

  • separation anxiety & overeating 

  • physical pain 

  • overthinking

  • stuck thinking

  • chronic health issues

  • new symptoms

  • recovery from chemotherapy

  • support pre & post-surgery

  • digestive issues

  • parenting issues

  • child behaviour issues

  • child learning difficulties

  • child anxiety

  • mental fog and indecision

  • lack of clarity

  • mental health


I've heard clients say things like:

"I'm not sleeping."

"I don't feel hopeful."

"My body is falling apart."

"I have a short fuse."

"It feels like I have an elephant sitting on my chest."

"I just don't feel like myself anymore."

"I am uninspired and have a lack of motivation. I don't know what I care about anymore."

It's not news that living on planet earth has been difficult for the past couple of years. It's been a lot. I've been feeling it myself, and have definitely noticed the trend of elevated stress levels in my clients.

Stress has been at an all-time high for most people for too long now (*covid*), but sky-rocketed stress levels do not have to be the new normal. BodyTalk can help.

What kind of relief can BodyTalk provide?


Every body is different and every person has such a different story, so each experience can vary greatly. However, there are some common themes that 


When we can calm the nervous system, release the emotions we've been harbouring inside our bodies, and slow down our minds, our experience of life can shift from survival to calm; from fight or flight to rest and digest; from panic, fear, overreactions, and impatience to feeling grounded, sturdy, and centred; from annoyed and angry to peaceful and joyful.


After the session, whether in-person or distance, clients report: feeling lighter, breathing easier, having a brighter outlook, and feeling more grounded. Their bodies feel more mobile, their pain decreases, and their symptoms improve. More often than not, these shifts are accompanied by experiencing a shift in understanding and perspective, too. 


If you're desiring some support, relaxation, and mental, emotional, and physical relief, I am here for you.


Book in for an in-person or distance BodyTalk session, lymphatic drainage, or registered massage/BodyTalk combo and let's get your body, mind, and spirit de-stressed and back on track to healing. 


*If you're not sure which to book, just book a time and we can ask your bodymind what it requires for your session. If you have any questions read on below and don't hesitate to reach out. 

Client Testimonials

  • "I approached Body Talk with skepticism, which quickly turned to amazement due to the positive and almost instantaneous results. After one session with Kristin, symptoms that I thought were going to incapacitate me almost disappeared. You owe it to yourself to give BodyTalk and Kristin a try!" 

                                                          -Kieran, Ottawa, ON

  • “It was just six months ago when I was in a minor car accident that left me unable to move my neck to the left. After weekly chiropractic and massage treatments for three months, I realized that I needed something more as I was still unable to shoulder check while driving and could not move my neck without turning my whole body. It was then that I tried BodyTalk and after only one session, I had fully regained range of motion in my neck without any pain. Since then, I have had regular sessions and do cortices everyday to maintain my overall health and I have not had any trouble with my neck! I highly recommend  BodyTalk to anyone who has health problems, large or small, or anyone who would like to simply maintain good health. You will be so happy you did, and your body will thank you for it!”    

                                                                     -Chantel, Saskatoon, SK

  • " I noticed a lump on the right side of my neck, which I determined to be my lymph node. It was bothering me to the point that it hurt to chew and swallow food, and it was large enough to clearly see in a mirror. I called Kristin and asked for a distance session, and in less than an hour, she was calling me with results. Through BodyTalk she had found out that the reason that I had this lump on my neck was because I wasn't saying what I was feeling and instead just saying what people wanted to hear. She noted specific relationships that came up as a priority regarding lack of communication and we discussed what areas may require attention in those relationships. This helped a lot to say what I was feeling and, after talking to my girlfriend, the lump was significantly smaller and almost painless the next day. Kristin also said that dryness had come up in the session and asked if I knew why. I had a sunburn from the weekend before that had just started peeling - she didn't know about it until I told her during the phone call following my distance session.  

    It is amazing what BodyTalk can pick up on and the results are fascinating! As soon as Kristin told me what my body was having issues with, it immediately made sense to me, and helped me to address those problems. I am definitely going to keep using BodyTalk treatment because I know it works!"

     -Kenton, Saskatoon, SK



Client Testimonials
Distance BodyTalk
Yoga at Home

BodyTalk Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to do anything before coming to a BodyTalk session?

A: You may wish to fill out the health history and consent forms beforehand to save some time. Please visit the Forms tab to print off a copy, fill it out and bring it with you to your first session. Also, feel free to browse this site to read and learn more about BodyTalk. More information can be found at 


Q: What do I need to wear for a BodyTalk session?

A: Sessions are done fully clothed so come in comfortable clothing.

Q: What happens in a BodyTalk session?

A: Your first session will require an intake procedure, where your practitioner will ask you some questions about your health history and chief complaints. After the necessary history has been taken, you will be asked to lie down, fully clothed, on a massage table. With the use of sequential questioning through the BodyTalk Protocol chart, the practitioner is able to find out your body's healing “to do list.” A method of communication is used via neuromuscular biofeedback, to determine the areas of your body that are not communicating or working together as a team in synchronicity. Techniques using light touch and tapping are then used to restore your body’s balance to its natural state. 

Q: What do I do during a BodyTalk session? 

A: All you need to do is relax and breathe. Make yourself comfortable and feel free to change your position at any time. Many people close their eyes, focus on their breathing and their body awareness, and try to relax completely. Do not hesitate to ask questions at any time. Your practitioner may explain each item as it comes up in your session or she may wait until the end to explain everything. If you prefer one way or the other, don’t hesitate to tell your practitioner. It is ok if you fall asleep, it will not interfere with the session.


Q: What is a distance BodyTalk session?

A: BodyTalk sessions can be performed not only in-person but also as a distance session. This means it is possible to get a BodyTalk session when you are unable to be present in person, whether that is due to travel, illness, emergencies, or simply inconvenience or scheduling conflicts! Consciousness is connected over distance, thus distance sessions work! Distance sessions are as good if not BETTER than hands-on sessions!


Q:How does a distance session work? 

A: Distance sessions work according to Quantum Physics. Quantum physics has provided a scientific understanding of the connection across time and space. It is known that the human body, at the most basic level, operates according to the laws of quantum physics! In Quantum, everything is connected; everything is part of a continuous whole, thus distance is not a factor. Distance sessions work like wireless technology, on a principle similar to the cell phone. It is well accepted that the tv remote and the garage door opener work by wireless methods. For these wireless technologies to occur, there simply has to be a sender and a receiver. In the case of BodyTalk distance sessions, the sender is the BodyTalk practitioner, while the client is the receiver!

Techniques such as MindScape enable us to access the alpha wave state of the brain, which allows the practitioner to tune into clients and work with their healing priorities at a deep, lasting level, even from a distance. 

With the use of sequential questioning through the BodyTalk Protocol chart, the practitioner is able to find out your body's healing “to do list.” A method of communication is used via neuromuscular biofeedback, to determine the areas of your body that are not communicating or working together as a team in synchronicity. Techniques using light touch and tapping are then used to restore your body’s balance to its natural state.


Q: What do I need to do for a distance session? 

A: You have two options of what you can do during your distance session:

1) You can lie down in a quiet space without any interruptions and focus on relaxing and letting go of any tension in your body.  Make yourself comfortable and feel free to change your position at anytime. Many people close their eyes, focus on their breathing and their body awareness, and try to relax completely. Try to pay attention to your body and be in tune with what you are feeling during your session. If you fall asleep, that is ok!

2) You can continue on with your daily routine - whether that be work, kids, working out, driving, whatever!

It does not matter which option you choose. It will not change the effectiveness of your session. Both methods are equally effective -- it is solely personal preference. 

​FOR KIDS schedules change regularly, and trying to book the session for nap time doesn't necessarily mean he/she will be napping then! It really does not matter what your child is doing - playing, sleeping, at school, etc.  It will not affect the effectiveness of the session. 


The reason Kristin only offers BodyTalk Sessions for children via Distance sessions is because it is much more effective than in person. The reason for this is because it is extremely difficult to get a child to lay still for 30-45 minutes and cooperate for the session to be performed. It is more of a distraction and Kristin has found that she is much more efficient when doing distance sessions for children.

Kristin will begin the distance session at the scheduled appointment time. Following the session, you will receive an email or text message containing a voice recording with all of your session details. If you have any questions about anything that came up in your session, Kristin will be happy to answer them for you. 


Q: Who can get BodyTalk sessions?

A: Anyone and everyone! People of all ages can benefit from BodyTalk - from babies with colic to injured athletes to elderly arthritic problems, just to name a few examples! 

Q: What can a  BodyTalk/Distance Session help with?

A: For both in-person and distance BodyTalk sessions, you will benefit from a session regardless of what symptoms or illnesses you are suffering from. BodyTalk is a very individualized approach and works with your body’s intelligence to improve communication and resolve imbalances. While BodyTalk does not diagnose, it has been shown to help with conditions such as allergies, mental health, mood irregularities, headaches/migraines, neck and back pain, insomnia, stress/anxiety/depression, arthritis, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, acute and chronic pain, stress relief, phobias and emotional disturbances, hormonal imbalances, and fertility issues, to name a few.  


Q: How will I feel during a Distance BodyTalk session? 

A: People often experience a variety of different sensations during a BodyTalk session which can range anywhere from sensations of heat, cold, or tingling in different areas of their bodies to the relief of pain or emotional release. Stomach gurgling is very normal during a session and shows that your body is processing. Yawning is also very common and is one of your body’s many ways of releasing. You may also experience sensations such as lightness or heaviness, momentary discomfort in different areas of the body, peace, and relaxation, increased sense of well-being, or sleepiness. All of these sensations are normal and are nothing to worry about. They show that shifts and changes are occurring in your body. Make sure you tell your practitioner about any sensations you are feeling. Feedback is very helpful!  If you do not notice anything, it does not mean you didn't receive the energy. Everyone's awareness of their own body is different, and every body processes in different ways. Simply be open to and aware of what you are feeling.


Q: What might I feel after the session?

A: Following your session, you may experience some of the sensations listed above. You may also experience slight discomfort in areas that are healing and shifting, an increased immune reaction (may cause symptoms typical to a cold), symptoms typical to detoxification, or disappearance of pain, illness, and symptoms. You will likely also experience feelings of lightness, relief, increased mobility, decreased pain, increased clarity, fresh insight, feeling more grounded, a lighter perspective, and a lighter heart.


Q: Who can benefit from a distance session? 

A: Anyone can benefit from a distance session, no matter their location! It can be performed on clients anywhere in the world, which means it is available to those who do not have access to health care or a BodyTalk practitioner in their area. It is great for children, as they don't have to sit or lie still. People who are in the hospital or are housebound can benefit immensely. Distance sessions are very effective in emergency situations - either while emergency services are en route or in combination with emergency care.  It is also beneficial for people who are away on holidays, who have hectic schedules, who have a hard time scheduling appointments, or for those who would simply prefer to receive treatment while in the comfort of their own home.


Q: Why should I try a distance session?  

1) You have nothing to lose and so many possibilities of what to gain.
2) Give yourself the gift of health.
3) Be proactive with your health.
4) Feel better in mind, body, and soul.
5) Balance your emotions
6) Expand your mind-body awareness.
7) Experience this wonderful system regardless of physical boundaries!


Q: How many BodyTalk sessions do I need?

A: Personally, I have been having BodyTalk sessions every 4-6 weeks for over a dozen years. BodyTalk helps me feel balanced, grounded, happier, more deeply connected, 
and trusting of my body and my inner knowing. 


There isn't a definitive answer to this question. As BodyTalk has an individualized approach, the number of sessions may vary for each person. While many people often notice changes in symptoms and overall well-being after only one session, a commitment to sessions can be incredibly healing and beneficial. Often you will feel a difference right away when receiving BodyTalk. Other times changes may be more subtle, where cumulative sessions can truly reveal profound relief. For that reason, I recommend a commitment to 3 months of sessions so you can see the immense benefits BodyTalk has to offer.

Q: How often do I have to come back?

A: Your BodyTalk Practitioner can ask if there’s a specific follow-up time that’s recommended. If there is, this is always flexible and works around your schedule. Feel free to ask your practitioner when to come back – I usually recommend weekly to biweekly sessions to start (for the first 2 or 3 sessions) and then we can spread out the frequency of appointments as your symptoms improve.

Maintenance sessions are important to keep your body on track and should be booked monthly. If for any reason you feel you need a session before your recommended follow-up time, please make an appointment – congrats on listening to your body!

Q: Is there anything I should do after a BodyTalk session?

A: My best advice is to listen to your body. Everyone processes things differently, so listen to your body and honour its requests. 

However, if you'd like some more solid recommendations, here you go: 


Like massage, drink a few extra glasses of water to help flush toxins from the body, keep tissues hydrated, and help your body process the session. Get some extra rest if that feels aligned or get to bed earlier to help your body process after a session. Often, your BodyTalk practitioner will give you a few exercises to do as homework as well (cortices technique, breathing exercises, stretches, etc.) An Epsom salt bath can be a great way to help rid toxins from your body. Simply add 1 cup of Epsom salts to a nice, warm bath and soak for 10-15 minutes while drinking plenty of water.  If you feel emotional, allow emotions to flow and be released.


*Make sure you are listening to your body and supporting yourself. Please visit the Client Downloads area HERE to view how to support yourself post-BodyTalk Session.

Q: Are there any side effects of BodyTalk?

A: I would answer this question with a "No". If you experience any symptoms following a BodyTalk session, it is not because it's a side effect, but rather your body getting reconnected with what it requires for healing along with your increased self-awareness to notice these cues.  I would not call these *side effects*.


However, there are a few common things you may experience following a BodyTalk session as your bodymind gets recalibrated, heals, and processes your session.  Some people may experience mild fatigue or thirst following a session. This is your body trying to get you to get some extra rest as well as drink some extra water to help flush toxins and hydrate tissues. When we sleep is when our bodies are doing the most processing – your body is able to recover and heal best when your brain is resting. Sometimes symptoms may initially get a little bit worse before they start to get better which may be because you now have an increased awareness of your body and how it is feeling. Also, a session will often activate the body’s healing mechanisms, which may result in anything from a more efficient immune response or a detoxification process to an emotional response or release. This is a good thing as your body is beginning to heal, change, and shift. This is normal. It is a healing journey, so go with the flow, listen to your body, and be easy on yourself. 


Q: How does insurance work?

A: Massage therapy is covered by almost all health insurance benefit plans. BodyTalk performed by a Registered Massage Therapist is often covered by health insurance benefit plans and will be used under your massage coverage.  Distance sessions will not be covered.

All plans differ so please check with your insurance provider for details on your massage allowance and to clarify coverage for BodyTalk prior to your first visit. We cannot guarantee that your claim will be covered. *Distance sessions should not be submitted.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?


A: Payment is due in the form of cash or cheque, or credit card at the completion of your in-person treatment. A valid credit card is required to book online. A receipt will be issued for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement after your in-person session. Please note that some insurance companies require a doctor’s note.   

*Please feel free to ask/contact Kristin with any other questions you may have

In order to make your appointment more convenient, intake forms are available below. These forms must be filled out prior to meeting with Kristin for your first session.  Please feel free to print off and complete the appropriate form and bring it with you to your appointment.


BodyTalk Health History Form

BodyTalk Consent Form


Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage FAQ:


Q: What is the lymphatic system?

A: Your body's lymphatic system acts as your body's garbage disposal. It rids the body of anything the body is done with, but not just on the physical level. This can include toxins, cell wastes, excess, emotions, belief systems, thoughts and more. 


Quick anatomy lesson: Your lymphatic system is governed by the spleen, which also governs the immune system, thus the health and functionality of these two systems are closely intertwined. Lymph is the fluid that circulates through the body in lymph vessels and moves the waste products through and out of your body. Lymph vessels do not have their own pump (like the blood vessels have the heart), so they rely on movement to produce muscle contraction and vacuum pressure in order to move the lymph. 

Imagine a pond: When there is no water flowing in or circulating our of the pond, the water gets green and grungy and things start to grow in it. But when the pond has a water source flowing in and out of it, the water is clearer and the health of the pond thrives. This is a prime comparison to the health of our lymphatic system. When it is circulating optimally, our body's health can thrive. 

Q: What kinds of things slow the circulation of our lymphatic system?

A: Number one answer: STRESS. When our bodies are stressed, they go into survival mode. And when we are in survival mode, our immune, digestive, and lymphatic systems get put on the back burner because if we are about to be hit by a bus or eaten by a bear, these systems are not going to immediately aid in our survival, which is pretty understandable. This becomes a problem when we experience prolonged stress (like many people experience everyday). Our nervous system reacts the same way to stress whether it is from a power bill or an actual threat. For this reason, calming the nervous system down is a major priority before the lymphatic system can be addressed. Sometimes this is possible to do before starting the lymph session. Other times, a full BodyTalk session (or two) may be required before a VMLD session can be performed. Often, this depends on the client's stress levels. 

Q: What are the benefits of a VMLD (Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage) session? 

A: The function of our lymphatic system directly affects our health. If our body is not taking out the trash, then the trash is piling up inside of us and is likely starting to cause some symptoms. When we are able to get the circulation moving in our lymphatic system, we tend to feel more emotionally stable, more mentally grounded, and less affected by external circumstances. We don't have trouble with letting things go, and we are better able to process new experiences and emotions. Also, we start to build our self awareness of how we are feeling and what our body needs. 

Q: Who can have a VMLD session? 

A: Everyone who has a lymphatic system can benefit from this type of session. ;) 

Adults, children, athletes. There are very few contraindications to this therapy. 

Q: When should I book a lymphatic drainage session? 

A: Here are some common symptoms of stuck lymphatic drainage:

  • feeling overly irritable and overwhelmed

  • having trouble letting emotions and problems go

  • feeling stuck in life or on certain issues

  • stewing on things

  • feeling bloated (mentally or emotionally) with digesting life

  • feeling puffy 

    If you've been experiencing any of these symptoms, your lymphatic system could be in need of a good physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual cleanse. Listen to your body and book a lymphatic drainage session. 

Q: How often should I have a lymphatic drainage session?


A: It is recommended to have lymph sessions 4 times per year, particularly with the change of the seasons or any big changes in your life. VMLD sessions can be performed in-person or via distance session. 

Kristin's Testimonials
Success Stories

Kristin's BodyTalk Testimonials


Whether it's observing my client's experiencing amazing shifts, or feeling them within my own body and mind, BodyTalk never ceases to amaze me. The complexity of the body mind is truly incredible, yet our innate wisdom knows what our body needs in order to get back on the path to healing. Sometimes we just need a little help in interpreting our body's messages, which can allow for shifting and transformation on every level! As the Milk commercials say, "Always Grow, Grow all ways." 

I recently received a distance BodyTalk session, following which I had very strong detox symptoms. I was very amazed once I figured out what was happening. In my session I had a number of meridian cycles come up as a priority which included: bladder(3-5pm), kidney(5-7pm), and gall bladder(11pm-1am). I was waiting for a doctor's appointment, then traveling home during 3-5pm Bladder time when I was constantly having to go to the bathroom (which is very abnormal for me). On my drive home (transitioning to Kidney time), my lower back started getting really achy and was making me worry that I might be getting a kidney infection. When I got home, I decided I needed to take a nap to try to kick the kidney pain I was feeling before volleyball at 7:30. When I woke up, I was still a little achy, but decided that I would go to volleyball and just take it easy if my back was hurting. By the time the game started, my back was feeling better, as kidney time was over at 7pm! Later that night as I was laying in bed trying to get to sleep, I lay awake until around 1am when I finally drifted to sleep. The next day was when I finally realized the correlation of symptoms I was experiencing and the meridian cycle times! It was an amazing distance session for me!

In 2012, I gouged my finger on a mandolin (aka veggie slicer) while I was slicing carrots. The carrot slipped and my finger when through the veggie slicer and took a pretty good chunk out of my finger. I immediately started performing BodyTalk Fast Aid on it while trying to breathe and calm myself down. I ended up cleaning up the kitchen then driving myself to the hospital. I continued doing Fast Aid and BodyTalk Access on myself while waiting in the emergency room which stopped the bleeding. When I finally saw the doctor, he said "Wow, I thought this was just a grating injury," as he was surprised about how deep it was. He asked if I had taken anything for the pain, and I told him that I hadn't as it didn't hurt at all. He was totally surprised and almost seemed like he didn't believe me, but thanks to BodyTalk it never did cause me any pain! The doctor said it would be at least a month before I could work (as a massage therapist) and that I could possibly need skin grafting. Since there was not much they could do for my finger, I had my tetanus shot and was on my way. I returned to work after two and a half weeks, was pain free the entire time, and did not need skin grafting! My finger healed very quickly with the help of BodyTalk Access and I am very grateful!

One night, as I was going down the stairs, I slipped and fell on my back. As I was falling I ended up kicking the wall with my big toe. I got up and finished doing what I was doing, as I was scared to take my sock off to look at my toe, thinking that it would be bleeding or broken. I could hardly put any weight on it and it had instantly started to bruise, so I started BodyTalk Fast Aid. I repeated the process a few times until the pain was completely gone. I stood up and it didn't hurt at all! I put ice on it when I went to bed and got up in the morning and it felt 100%! 

Shortly after being admitted to the hospital, I had every diagnostic test under the sun performed on me (the ones my body could handle)... none of which helped the doctors determine what the large mass in my abdomen actually was. They knew it was cancer but they could not determine which organ was affected.  I had multiple BodyTalk sessions and my BodyTalk practitioner continued to balance to my right ovary. It was not until the doctors began surgery that they were able to determine that the 5 lb mass in my abdomen was in fact my right ovary and fallopian tube! 

On day 14 of my chemotherapy cycles, my blood cells would bottom out and I would have excruciating knee pain. The night before day 14 of my 2nd chemo cycle, the knee pain started at 2am and I felt like my knees were being sawed in half. I ended up squirming and crying for 3 hours straight when I finally decided to text my BodyTalk practitioner to see if she could start a distance session for me. Luckily she replied and told me to keep crying (since it was something I rarely did throughout my cancer experience) and that she would start a session immediately. Within 5 minutes my knee pain was completely gone and I was wondering to myself why it took me so long to decide to text my practitioner! 

Prior to taking my practical massage therapy board exams, I received a distance performance session to help my mind and body prepare for the upcoming event. This session had a dramatic effect on my ability to focus and study for the exam and also allowed me to be very calm and collected while performing my practical exam in front of examiners! I noticed I was able to breathe, think clearly, quickly analyze the given scenario and perform the necessary tasks with great confidence and ease! I was so amazed once it was all over and I couldn't believe it went so smoothly! Afterward, it really hit me about how well I had done, then my nerves kicked in and were able to actively release the tension that I normally would have had DURING the testing! The effects of a BodyTalk performance session are truly amazing and priceless! 

I used to have multiple warts on my hands and feet (at least 10 on my hands and 10 on my feet). Through receiving numerous BodyTalk sessions over the past 4 years, without directly addressing warts (having them come up) in a session, they have drastically reduced in number! I have zero left on my hand and 2 left on my feet. They have decreased in number from over 20 to a mere 2! Don't worry, these last 2 don't have much of a chance! 

My BreakThrough session with Crystal shed light on areas of my life that I needed to re-evaluate and work on.  It helped me take responsibility for my actions and realize that I needed to stop feeling like a victim and step up.  Before we began, I felt like I was choking -- my throat was very tight and it was difficult for me to talk.  Throughout the session, the tightening feeling in my throat started to dissipate and was gone by the time I took responsibility and spoke up for myself!  Having my BreakThrough steps done gave me the ability to see the situation from a different point of view and it was a very freeing experience! 

By having my BreakThrough steps done, I gained new insight and awareness about my limiting belief systems and how they were causing me to be triggered by my external environment. This triggering was actually occurring in order to get me to look at and reflect on why my buttons were being pushed in the first place. It was a very freeing experience as it allowed me to take responsibility for my behavior and actions, causing me to take a good hard look at why I felt the need to blame others for my experience. 
"We are 100% responsible for how we experience our experience." -Marianne Williamson

Not too long ago, I had been experiencing recurring nightmares that involved the same person in multiple situations. Following a BodyTalk session in which the person was addressed through BodyChemistry as a virus, the next time the person appeared in my dreams, it was a very pleasant encounter in which I found myself hosting her! I have not had a dream about her since.

BodyTalk Success Stories

I informed a client about the cortices technique when she told me that her young daughter was very nervous for her dentist appointment the next day. The client went home and practiced the cortices technique on her daughter before bed and she fell asleep right away! The appointment went well and her daughter recovered very quickly using the cortices technique to manage her fears and emotions about the dentist.

A young client was brought in by her mother because she was experiencing sharp chest pains on a daily basis, and doctors could not find anything wrong with her. We balanced out a number of emotions from the chest and pericardium and, after only one session, she found that her attacks dramatically decreased in length and frequency of occurrence! She was very relieved, as was her mother! After two sessions, her chest pains were completely gone!

One client had been coming in for massage for neck pain. The massage was helping, but the pain was never completely gone and would return within a couple of days. She decided it was time for another BodyTalk session. Her neck had been bothering her for over a month. She had been holding some anger and irritation in her neck from a specific incident. Once we released that and balanced a few other links, she regained full range of motion in her neck without any pain. At her next appointment, she noted that she has not had any pain in her neck since her last BodyTalk session.

A client came into see me because she was experiencing extreme highs and lows with her mood and could not get her depression under control. She had been depressed since she was a teenager and had not found any lasting relief or changes thus far in her journey. Within a matter of 2-3 sessions, she noted that the peaks of her highs and lows had leveled out from giant mountains and valleys to mere rolling hills. She also found she had began to be easier on herself, which was a major breakthrough for her!

One client found BodyTalk to be an extremely beneficial therapy to complement her weight loss journey. She was amazed with how easy it was to stick to her diet and workout plan. She had tried dieting multiple times before and always struggled with it. Through her sessions, her cravings were balanced and some self sabotaging behaviors and feelings of guilt were also balanced, allowing her to be more positive and easier on herself. BodyTalk has helped her deal with the emotional issues, that may normally cause emotional eating, in order to keep her on track with her workouts and eating patterns!

BodyTalk has been a valuable tool for migraine sufferers. The cortices, switching and hydration techniques, along with sessions, have shown major improvements by decreasing the frequency of occurrence of migraine headaches as well as decreasing the severity and length of symptoms. BodyTalk has helped clients who experience migraines to improve their body awareness and, in turn, become more aware of possible triggers and how to better handle their migraines.

While traveling abroad, my travel mate stubbed her big toe very badly on a large ceramic planter. She was in a great deal of pain.  As she was limping around trying to walk it off, I suggested that I could perform the BodyTalk Fast Aid protocol for her and she gladly accepted the offer. Within minutes of commencing treatment, her pain was completely gone, the bleeding had stopped, she was absolutely amazed and we continued on with our adventures!

A client had been experiencing uncontrollable muscle twitches as a result of an undiagnosed neurological disorder. The shaking was taking over his life, causing him to feel very fatigued and weak, and making it very difficult for him to concentrate. After his first session, he stated that 90-95% of his shaking had disappeared! We were then able to start addressing deeper issues to help get his mind and body back on the healing track!

After only one session, a client had experienced relief from heartburn and digestive problems that had been a problem for years. She was very relieved to have been able to release a large amount of stress and worry from her body.

A client came in to try BodyTalk to try to deal with depression and anxiety that she had been experiencing for most of her life. She was on tranquilizers and anti-depressants to help her sleep and cope. After one session, she felt that the cloud of depression had lifted, but that her anxiety was still a major concern. After two sessions, both her depression and anxiety had greatly diminished. At the start of her next appointment, after less than a month of BodyTalk sessions, she mentioned that she was completely off her tranquilizers and anti-depressants! She was handling her stress much better and was not getting overwhelmed as easily either. She felt, looked, and sounded like a completely new person!

To prepare for having his wisdom teeth out, a client came for a performance session. In the session we had to inform his wisdom teeth that they were going to be pulled out the next day, so that they could prepare and let go of the gums. To my client's surprise, the dentist told him that his wisdom teeth popped right out. The dentist was even surprised, given the large size of the roots!

A client came in who had been having extreme menstrual cramps for 5-6 days during every cycle for as long as she can remember. She experienced a great deal of pain and found it hard to carry on with daily activities. After her first session, she noticed that she only had 2 days of cramps during her next cycle and that they were not nearly as painful. She was very relieved to be able to release the stress and fear associated with the pain she had been experiencing.

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