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BodyTalk for Kids

Are you struggling with your child? 

Is your child struggling with sleep, school, emotions, learning, health, or behaviour? 

Are you running out of ideas, energy, and patience? 

Then it's time for a BodyTalk Session

Here's why:


Kids are very intuitive and they pick up on our stresses and our behavior. They are sensitive, tuned in little beings, whether we believe it or not. 

It can be hard to communicate with kids to find out how they are feeling and what is affecting them. Heck, as adults, it can be hard to articulate our own feelings, let alone as a child.  BUT, it almost always shows up in their behaviour or in their bodies (as symptoms or illness) when they are having trouble with something.  


Kids have a lot to process -- They are observing and constantly learning about the workings of the world around them, processing it all, and forming belief systems. Some of these things can have a huge impact on them, especially when we don't communicate with them properly (not that we aren't trying).  Plus, how can you fully communicate with a child when he/she is pre-verbal?


Transitions to a new daycare, a new school, a new town, parents splitting up, etc. can be very confusing, intimidating, and traumatizing for a child.  Just because we, as adults, don't rationally think they should have a problem with something, doesn't mean it isn't difficult for them and affecting them. 

Bodytalk is a way for your child's bodymind to communicate feelings, emotions, fears, and symptoms to be translated, balanced, and released.  

Kids are very receptive to energy healing cause they are still forming their belief systems and don't have piles of them to work through, like adults do.  It can be truly incredible to see the changes that can occur and to witness how quickly a child can shift. 

Imagine when you were a child, you were able to fully deal with some of the things that happened to you during your childhood. Then, you wouldn't have had to carry the pain, beliefs, and active memories with you for the rest of your life.


Imagine being able to do help your children work through their emotional baggage as it is happening.

Well, guess what? You can!


Plus, as a parent, you will become more aware of your child's behaviour and what could possibly be affecting him or her. You will become more in tune with your child, which will, in turn, improve your understanding, empathy, compassion, and thus, your relationship with your child. 

Our children are little mirrors for us. They reflect our issues for us, so it only makes sense that we need to also be working on ourselves, not just trying to help our children. Check out BodyTalk for Parents here.

Let me guide you toward achieving a happy, healthy, and understanding relationship with your child, and yourself.


Benefits for Kids

  • Positively impact your child's formation of Belief Systems

  • Expanded self-awareness & body-awareness

  • Feeling understood, nurtured, & respected by parents

  • Feeling more deeply connected with parents & siblings

  • Improved communication, understanding of emotions, & ability to process them

  • More balanced behaviour - A happy kiddo!

  • Improved sleep patterns

  • Decreasing physical, mental & emotional symptoms

  • Dealing with trauma

  • Improved mental health

  • Decreased impact of active memories (negative experiences that can impact your child)

Who I Work With

Kids are so incredible and they often need help with processing all of the new things they are going through and experiencing on a daily basis. I work with kids whose parents are committed to bettering their awareness of and relationship with themselves, their child(ren), and their partner. These people know there is more going on behind their child's behavior and symptoms and want to understand why it is happening and how they can help. These parents understand that it is not just their child that sometimes needs help.


It is a huge learning process to raise a child.


Our children are constantly growing, and the stages are constantly changing, so we, as parents, need to do the same. We need to learn, grow, and increase our awareness.


These are the people I love to work with -- The parents who know how important it is to establish a strong relationship with their child based on awareness, understanding, and support.  


We all need support on this incredible journey we call parenting and life.


What have you got to lose?

Parent Testimonial

"I contacted Kristin after reading a post about distance BodyTalk sessions for children. I didn’t know much about BodyTalk at this point and I was intrigued. After reading through the testimonials and the information on the website I sent an email. I explained that my daughter is 7 and has been struggling with what I thought were self-esteem issues. She puts on a confident act, but deep down she is in pain. It hurts me because I hear her say how "everyone hates her" and "everyone is mean to her" but most often, they aren't. I have seen her interact with many kids and many genuinely like her. In her mind, this picture is skewed. We had a really rough year last year and many days were spent with her in tears, screaming how much she hates me, and running back to bed before school -- it was tough. There was no consistency with what would set her off which left me very anxious, not knowing what to do. I spent many days crying in my car after driving her to school late. I took her to the family doctor for a requisition for blood work thinking it was allergies; we went to a naturopath and to a child psychologist for a few sessions. I always felt like I was doing everything wrong. Everything was a fight; especially transitioning from one thing to the next -- there was always coaxing on my behalf and pouting or refusing on hers. Right away Kristin emailed me back and asked me if I had questions and when can we start. She complemented my persistence and dedication. I was immediately taken back. I have never looked at myself from this perspective and I felt her genuine kindness so comforting. I only ever did what I felt I needed to do, which was to try to understand my daughter.


Kristin did a session on my daughter while she was at school. She sent me messages while she was performing the BodyTalk session. I was shocked; it was like she could actually “see” what was happening. These were personal things about my daughter that only the people closest to her know about her.  She told me what my daughter needed from me so we can work on our relationship and what she needed to feel secure. She gave us simple things for homework and advice on how to strengthen our bond.


I saw changes right away. My daughter, who rarely would even let me hug her, sat on my lap for an entire movie that night. The next day instead of crying before dance class, she jumped up, got ready, and happily skipped through the house while I stood there mouth open waiting for the meltdown. It never happened. Even her dance teacher told me how easy going and confident she was that day. I was amazed. Three sessions later and I feel like my daughter has been transformed. I can wake her up in the mornings and she will come downstairs dressed, she will tell me what she wants for breakfast, she will happily brush her teeth and her hair. Now, we argue only over silly things like if she needs socks or not or what jacket to wear. I lay in bed at night amazed at how different things are with us. My daughter invites me to spend time with her now. In the last session Kristin told me she could see the connection between my daughter and me growing, which was allowing her to feel safe and trust me. Kristin has such a gentle way of relaying the information she finds and is available to talk about things you don’t understand. She has healed pain in my daughter that I can’t even begin to understand the depth of. All I know is that I am able to move forward with a daughter who believes me now when I say I love her and want to be with her. Thank you Kristin for saving my family. You are our angel."

- Alisha Gerow,

Teacher & Mom

How I am currently working with Children:

In Person

(Ages 10+)


(Infant - 100+)

In this 45 minute in-person session, your child will lie fully clothed on a massage table, while I perform the BodyTalk session, explaining and communicating with your child as the session progresses

  • $125/session

  • Package of 3 Sessions: $345 - (Packages do not expire).

In this 45 minute distance session, your child can carry on with his/her day, while I perform the BodyTalk session remotely. Upon completion of the session, I will send a voice recording explanation of the session details and priorities. 

  • $115/session

  • Package of 3 Distance Child Sessions: $315  (Packages do not expire).

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