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Inner Compass Academy

Inspiring conscious change makers to come alive and transform their lives

by doing courageous inner work. 


Here at Inner Compass Academy, I help to empower courageous humans to create conscious change by getting reconnected with their most valuable asset: their Inner Compass. 

hi there, I'm Kristin Pierce.

There was a time not too long ago when I ran on 'shoulds', logic, and iron-clad willpower as I forged forward and stuck to the logical plan I had laid out for my life. While it may have looked productive and ambitious from the outside, I was completely disconnected from my inner self.


Before long, I found myself sick, unfulfilled, and unsure of what I wanted when I wasn't forcing myself to live up to the expectations I assumed others had for me.


(Maybe you're experiencing this, too?)

I was granted a wake-up call of epic proportions that stopped me in my tracks and forced me to open up my mind to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

That wake-up call was cancer.

It shook me to my core and changed everything for the better. 

I was introduced to a new perspective that I so dearly needed which became the mental update that shifted my entire way of thinking and 

reconnected me to my inner compass.

We are all running on unconscious mental programs that are outdated + misaligned with our inner truth + who we want to become.


In order to create real, aligned change, we must reassess and update our mental programming to be in alignment with what we desire, whom we want to become, what we want to create, and where we want to go.


We need to reconnect with our inner compass.


At Inner Compass Academy, that is exactly what we do. 

I work with incredible and inspiring people from all walks of life: CEOs, creatives, health practitioners, educators, entrepreneurs, parents, athletes, children, and beyond.


They all share a common trait:


They want to create deep, lasting change

{in their lives, health, bodies, minds, businesses, finances + more.}


But they don't know how.

They often feel:

- frustrated, stuck + spinning their tires

- disconnected from their inner selves

- heavy, bogged down, emotionally drained

- uninspired + unsure of what they want
- unfulfilled + stagnant

- sick, tired + ready for change

- tired of repeating the same problems

When they truly desire to feel: 

> deeply connected to themselves, their bodies, hearts, minds + souls
> free of the heavy emotions, mind stories + old trauma

> healthy, healing + supported

> trusting of their body's ability to heal

> trusting of their dreams, desires + inner knowing

> hopeful, realigned and eventually inspired + fulfilled 

> building self-understanding, self-compassion, self-care + self-love

> deeply empowered

Every week I help courageous people, like you, connect to their inner knowing, understand the messages from their bodies, and question their limits so they can create a different experience of health and life. 

I help them shift their perspectives, open their minds, dive into their hearts, and expand their awareness of body, mind, and self. 


Together, we create powerful change.

It's time to do something different if you want to FEEL differently. 

You already hold the keys... 


It’s time to create your life on purpose.

Are you ready to take the wheel?

You're here because you're ready to get reconnected with yourself, your heart, your big dreams, and your soulful desires. 

You are ready to rise.


I’ll show you how. 

It's time to make it happen...


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"Don't ask yourself what the world needs.

Ask yourself what makes you come alive.

And then go do it. 

Because the world needs more people who have come alive."

-Howard Thurman

Meet Kristin

Meet Kristin

Kristin Pierce is a self-awareness educator and author whose mission is to empower others to deconstruct the limiting beliefs that are keeping them small and stuck in order to rise to their potential, come alive, and impact the world. 


She is constantly asking questions, challenging old ways of thinking, stretching her comfort zone, dreaming big, and encouraging and inspiring others to do the same. 

She is a MindScape Instructor, an Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, a BodyTalk Access Instructor, a Registered Massage Therapist, a trained acupuncturist, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine from Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Meet Kristin, here.

On the Blog


"I love working with Kristin. She's incredible! Her studio in Warman is amazing, it's so nice and comforting to visit. I first started seeing her for massage and BodyTalk, and have recently taken the Mindscape course through her. She's really helped me to expand and grow over the last few years."

- Kara Davis,

Enviromental Scientist & BodyTalk Practitioner


"After meeting Kristin at her Mindscape course in Ottawa, I embarked on a series of distance BodyTalk treatments. The combination of practicing Mindscape and having treatments is quite powerful. I am starting to see my life so much more vividly - and I'm amazed at how I can explore to expand the confines of my own mind! Mindscape and BodyTalk have been the most intense and amazing journey."

-Andrea Wood,

Marketing Consultant


"I have been working with Kristin for a few years now, and she does such a great job explaining what she is interpreting to help you understand yourself. I have seen some amazing results. I used to suffer from panic attacks and its been over a year and a half now since I have had one.  Anytime that I am in need, she is there willing to help me out! I have had her work on my children and I have seen great results with them as well. Thanks so much for doing such an amazing job!"


-Lacey Nedjelski,

Doula & Sisterhood Leader

Are you ready to dive in?

Break the Mold

You're here and you're ready for change.

You're itching to know more.

You're ready to tap into your potential to craft the life of your dreams.

It's time to Break the Mold of your limiting beliefs. 

Your future is in the palm of your hands.

Courses + Workshops for inspired individuals

who are READY to create conscious change.


"It takes COURAGE to grow UP

and  become

who you really are."

-e.e. cummings

My Comic Hammer

When I was twenty-one, I was blindsided by a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Thirteen years later, I published a memoir about the experience that changed everything.

Here's a peek at the book description: 



That was Kristin Pierce’s experience—a turbulent and triumphant true story—as she was “blindsided” by cancer at the age of twenty-one. As an elite volleyball athlete on a college scholarship, cancer was not something she could have ever seen coming. Injuries? Sure. But, cancer? 

In the blink of an eye, Pierce’s sports medicine schooling, her understanding of the body, and her definition of health had blown up in her face. Luckily, being blindsided left her in a wonderfully, vulnerable position: OPEN TO ANYTHING. 

Buckle up for a poignant and powerful journey as Pierce takes you on a behind-the-scenes ride aboard the emotional rollercoaster of her experience with cancer. Intense and enlightening, her story will have you holding your breath as she weaves a raw and refreshing perspective that will open your eyes, capture your heart, and forever alter how you think about your body and mind

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