Advanced MindScape

A three-day empowering seminar for bold MindScape graduates who are ready to supercharge their MindScape skills by learning new techniques, expanding the possibilities within the mind,  and deepening their understanding to peel back the onion layers to shine their unique light.

Advanced MindScape is a mind-opening, heart-expanding three-day course that will deepen your understanding of the power and potential of your mind you to unleash the magnificent intuitive powers of your mind and gives you techniques to 


MindScape will help you tune in to who you really are, allow you to uncover your limiting beliefs, and wake you up to a whole new world. 

You've already taken MindScape

So you understand the wild potential that each of us possess.


Advanced MindScape will allow you to playfully open your mind, heart, and senses up to the possibilities that exist all around you. You'll supercharge your MindScape workshop, learn to use MindScape with your eyes open, while building trust in your intuition, and confidence in interpreting the symbolism. 


You hold the keys...

Does this sound like you?

> You LOVE MindScape and you want MORE.

> You want to get into MindScape faster.


> You are fascinated to learn how to MindScape with your eyes open. 


>You find yourself caught in the stress trap of fear, blame, and a stuck mindset.  


> Your logical mind shuts down possibilities before they get off the ground. 

> You're tired of the same old issues showing up on a repeat loop. 

> You want to create lasting & impactful change in your life.

> You want to gain insight into the happenings in your life.

> You have so much untapped potential & you're ready to take aligned action.

I know exactly how you feel. I've been there before.

It's time to reinvent yourself...

It's time to reinvent yourself...

Alongside other inspired individuals,

you'll learn how to:

+ Access your MindScape workshop, the alpha state and, thus, your subconscious mind quicker.


+ Deepen your understanding of the theory and science behind MindScape, epigenetics, and the power of the mind. 

+ Practice interpreting and translating the symbolism, imagery, and messages from your subconscious mind

+ Reconnect with the power and potential within your MindScape workshop.

+ Use your MindScape tools with your eyes open -- to interact with, understand, and begin to see the mirrors all around you. 

+ Supercharge your MindScape skills and take your workshop to the next level. 


+ Take an active role in co-creating your life.

+ Gain a deeper understanding of your ego and your intuition. 


+ Expand your mind to the incredible possibilities available to you.


+ Uncover & unravel the false limiting beliefs that are the barriers to your desires & success.


+ Examine & reinvent what you believe about yourself.


+ Enhance creativity, imagination, and balanced thinking.


+ Spark passion, inspiration, desires & authentic aspirations.


+ Deeply de-stress the body and mind, and experience powerful health benefits. 


+ Spark personal evolution, inner growth, self-healing, and incredible shifts in perception 


+ Build deepened trust of your intuition.


+ Connect with your value and profound potential. 

+ Understand that you have all the answers you need.

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A word from MindScape graduates:

"Hands down, [MindScape] was one of the most impactful, informative, life changing classes I have ever taken. The first day of the course was awesome. The second day blew my mind! Once I got home, I really started to explore what it could do for me - Whoa!  I would recommend MindScape to anyone who wants to invest in him or herself, to expand your mind, and break down belief systems. This class really is for everyone! Take it! Sign up! See how powerful you can be when you can work with your mind, instead of against it!"  

- Lacey Nedjelski,

Doula & Women's Empowerment Leader



"As always, Kristin challenges you to rise above limiting belief systems to find the magic that exists within. I always feel renewed and encouraged to dive deeper into this work following her workshops."

- Laura Lawrence,

BodyTalk Practitioner & Mindfulness Coach

​"Thank you so much for your ability to lead us left-brainers through this. Your positive enthusiasm and encouragement make all the difference! I enjoyed every minute!"

-Lorie Carey

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course! I feel that everyone should have this skill -- it can help in so many different areas of life.  I would encourage anyone who wants to improve their life and their circumstances to consider this course." 

-Linda Tarala,

Biofeedback Technician

"I liked how MindScape was taught and the science behind it all. The material was presented in a very 'left-brained' way, which made it easy to learn and understand."

- Samara Koenning,

Concert Coordinator

"This weekend has been a life changer for me. It helped me see what needs to change in order for me to help myself. It was an eye opener for many areas of my life. So much to learn, but yet so easy!"

-Melissa Gareau,

Stay at Home Mom

​"I went into this course open-minded and left fulfilled."

-Denis Lapierre,


"I'm not going to lie, I was super skeptical going into this weekend. Kristin's encouraging personality, words of wisdom, and experience totally dampened my skepticism.  I thought my own emotions would get in the way, but through Kristin's guidance and patience, I was able to achieve what I thought was unachievable. I can just see how this is the turning point in my life and I'm so excited for what's to come, whereas I'm usually anxious for the future.  Skeptics beware, this shit is for real!"
 -Emily Collin,

Pharmacy Technician


"To experience MindScape is to experience an exciting journey towards connecting with a deeper awareness of life. With my regular job I am focused, but with my deeper desires, I am all over the place. To me, MindScape is an excellent tool to find focus, healing, and deeper awareness. I am so grateful for this experience and look forward to the 21-day course."

-Corinne Hurst,



"My experience FAR exceeded my high expectations! MindScape work is fun, relaxing, and life-changing. I am in awe of the insights one can gain with these tools. Thanks for the guidance, Kristin. I look forward to Ignited Intuition to keep this going."

-Amy Johns,

Registered Nurse

"MindScape has been one of the greatest tools I've ever added to my healing repertoire. I use it for EVERYTHING!"

-Julie Darwin,

RMT & BodyTalk Practitioner