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Do you need some new health tools in your self care tool box?

Are you sick of illness, medications, and running out of sick days?!

 Are you tired of your kids bringing home colds from school or daycare and passing them around the house?!

If you answered YES to these questions, ​then it's time for a whole health day. 


BodyTalk Access is a course that will empower you to be proactive with your health and the health of your family.


Prevent colds, speed up the healing process, balance the effects of stress on your body, help your kids process their emotions (not to mention process your own & save your sanity).

BodyTalk Access is a compact form of the BodyTalk system that is easy to learn and simple to perform. In less than 10 minutes a day, you can stimulate your body’s healing ability while learning techniques that can decrease pain, symptoms, stress, and fatigue.

BodyTalk Access is a one-day course (or can be taught over two evenings) that is designed to teach students a pre-set routine of 5 powerful BodyTalk techniques that are essential in helping our body heal itself.

These techniques can be self-applied on a daily basis to improve health and well being, and they include:

   •    Cortices: Improves communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, allowing for improvements in memory, concentration, dealing with stress, and overall functioning of the body.

  •    Switching: Gets our body out of stress mode, which decreases symptoms such as: insomnia, overthinking, poor decision-making, confusion, poor coordination, and mood swings.

  •    Hydration: Allows the body to fully use the water it has available, thereby greatly improving the efficiency of all physiological processes.

  •    Body Chemistry: Stimulates the immune system, thus addressing many chronic and acute conditions caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites, allergies, food intolerances, and accumulated toxins.

  •    Reciprocals: Balances the communication and integrity of body structures, thus is extremely effective on many forms of injuries, arthritis, circulatory issues, spinal problems, and chronic pain.

  •    Fast Aid Techniques: A form of first aid that will immediately resolve simple issues as a stand-alone technique. In serious conditions, it can be used safely until emergency personnel arrive.

Access can be self-applied on a daily basis to significantly improve health and well-being. It is easy to learn, simple to perform, and is open to everyone. Take control of your health today and feel empowered with BodyTalk Access!


















​"One night, I slipped going down the stairs and kicked the wall with my big toe. It was immediately painful so I hobbled to grab an ice pack, then started Fast Aid and Access. I was scared to take my sock off because I thought I would be bleeding or have extreme swelling and damage to my toe nail. I continued Fast Aid until my toe was no longer throbbing. In the morning, I got up and was surprised that my first few steps were pain free. I took my sock off and there was no bruising or swelling at all -- I was good as new!"

"While traveling abroad, my travel mate stubbed her big toe very badly on a large ceramic planter. She was in a great deal of pain.  As she was limping around trying to walk it off, I suggested that I could perform the BodyTalk Fast Aid protocol for her and she gladly accepted the offer. Within minutes of commencing treatment, her pain was completely gone, the bleeding had stopped, she was absolutely amazed and we continued on with our adventures!"

BodyTalk Access Success Stories

 Our little man (at 6.5 weeks old) was having a crying fit and nothing was working to settle him. So, I laid him on my lap and started doing the BodyTalk Access routine on him. By the time I finished reciprocals, he was all chilled out and fast asleep!! Babies & kids respond so well to energy work & BodyTalk access is a great tool to have as a parent!

While traveling abroad, my travel mate stubbed her big toe very badly on a large ceramic planter. She was in a great deal of pain.  As she was limping around trying to walk it off, I suggested that I could perform the BodyTalk Fast Aid protocol for her and she gladly accepted the offer. Within minutes of commencing treatment, her pain was completely gone, the bleeding had stopped, she was absolutely amazed and we continued on with our adventures!

​A client of mine took a slapshot to the calf during one of his hockey games. By the time I was notified of the incident, the game was over and his gastrocnemius (calf) muscle had already started seizing up.  The area was becoming hot and swollen, range of motion had decreased, and it was also quite difficult to walk due to pain.  I immediately performed a distance treatment of Fast Aid.  Within 10 minutes of performing the technique, his calf symptoms had significantly improved. He only had minor residual pain when palpating the area and his range of motion improved greatly. He was able to walk without pain. I told him it would feel even better by morning, and the next day you wouldn't even know he had been injured the previous evening -- he was 100% pain free and the area did not even bruise! His hockey athletic trainers could not believe his condition when he got to the rink, considering they thought he would be unable to play for a couple days!

Our son, Kendrix at 10.5 months just started walking... And with that comes a lot of spills, boo boos, bumps, and bruises. So on top of the 4-5 good wipe outs and cries this little guy had today, he also got his finger in the way when my husband was putting up the pressured baby gate -- so got his finger pinched REALLY HARD! My husband also didn't realize why the gate wasn't locking into place, until Kendrix started whimpering.  Poor little guy and Daddy felt awful. He cried for a long time and I was wondering if we were going to have to take him to the walk-in clinic. His finger got really swollen, really fast, so that it looked really bulbous-y, red, his finger nail was starting to bleed, the cuticle rubbed off, and I thought for sure he was going to lose his fingernail (eventually) as it was blue and turning purple almost instantaneously. This was at about 330pm. After some initial snuggles, together with my husband, we tapped Kendrix's cortices doing the BodyTalk Access Fast Aid technique for 10 minutes straight. My husband held the reciprocal of the injured index finger (which was the opposite foot, second toe), since he wouldn't let us touch his sore finger. Within a few minutes of tapping, he had calmed down, started playing, forgetting about the sore finger. And by the end of 10 minutes of fast aid: there was no bleeding, it quit swelling and even brought the swelling down a bit; his pain levels greatly improved as his crying completely stopped and he began to play, using his injured hand and finger. 
​Before bed (at 5:30pm), I tapped him another 3 times and really checked out his finger. The swelling was totally gone, there was only a little redness remaining. His nail bed did not look blue/purple anymore, it looked just as normal as the next finger. So, in just two hours, and less than 15 minutes of the fast aid protocol and cortices, his finger injury went from us thinking, "oh my god this could be really bad, should we take him to the doctor?!", to "you can hardly tell which finger got squished!" The best part for us is that we have the BodyTalk Access tools to help the body speed it's amazing healing abilities, and manage pain when minor accidents happen with the kids, and ourselves.

Two nights ago, Aspen was sitting on the top of the couch, even though she knows she's not supposed to... And she fell and smoked the top of her head right on the floor. I don't even think she got her hands out in front of her in time. Needless to say, she had a really good cry and a long snuggle with both me and my husband. Wondering if we should give her any pain medication, I had a much better idea...While we were snuggling, I asked if I could do cortices/fast aid on her. She agreed and I began tapping her cortices. She had a huge goose egg forming where she bonked her head. I did 5 rounds of cortices in a row, then she started acting more like herself again. She told me it didn't hurt as much. Then about an hour later, after eating supper, she asked if I would tap for her again.
The next morning her goose egg was almost gone and she didn't even mention it!  
In this example alone, Bodytalk Access helped Aspen with pain management, helped her calm down emotionally, and helped speed her body's healing. It also helps get the body out of stress mode, helps with water absorption, and supporting the immune system, along many more benefits.


Regular Investment: $199+GST
​Earlybird Investment: $179+GST - If registered and paid in full two weeks prior to the course date.
Monitors: $100+GST
IBA Monitors: $50+GST



BodyTalk Access Fun Facts

BodyTalk Access is being taught in 47 countries around the world. 
There are 250+ Access Trainers, along with over 36,000+ Access Technicians

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